Discover Bank Review – Online Banking For Savings, Money Markets & Cds

Banking is an important aspect of modern life. With the rise in technology, online banking has become increasingly popular for its convenience and accessibility. Discover Bank offers a range of services to meet customers’ financial needs including savings accounts, money markets accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs). This review will discuss the features offered by Discover Bank and provide an assessment of customer satisfaction with their products and services.

Discover Bank is part of the Discover Financial Services group which provides consumer finance products throughout North America as well as other countries around the world. The bank’s website enables customers to open various types of checking or saving accounts, apply for credit cards or loans, manage investments and more. Furthermore, they offer competitive rates on their savings account without charging monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.

In addition to offering basic banking services, Discover Bank also provides several specialized options such as CDs that can earn higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts. Customers may also take advantage of special promotional offers when opening new CD accounts or renewing existing ones. Finally, Discover Bank offers 24/7 customer service support through phone and email channels for assistance with any financial queries or issues that may arise during use of the site.


Overview Of Services

Discover Bank is a financial institution offering online banking services for savings, money markets, and certificates of deposit (CDs). Customers can access their accounts from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. The bank also offers 24/7 customer support as well as a variety of helpful tools to help customers manage their finances. This review will provide an overview of the products and services offered by Discover Bank.

The wide range of products available through Discover Bank include personal checking accounts, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), 529 college savings plans, prepaid debit cards, home equity loans, auto loans, mortgages and more. Additionally, they offer competitive interest rates on all CDs which are FDIC insured up to $250K per depositor. For those looking to save money over time while earning interest, there are several options including high-yield online saving accounts and money market funds. In addition to these traditional banking solutions, Discover provides convenient digital solutions such as eStatements and Mobile Banking that allow customers to easily access account information on the go.


Account Types & Fees

Discover Bank offers a variety of accounts including Savings, Money Markets and CDs. The Savings Account is an FDIC insured account which provides customers with access to their funds 24/7 for free online transfers or withdrawals. Accounts can be opened with as little as $0 and the annual percentage yield (APY) is competitively high at 1.90%. Withdrawals from this account are unlimited but must be within federal regulations.

The Money Market Account allows customers to earn more interest on their deposits while also providing check-writing privileges. Deposits in this account have no minimum balance requirement, however, customers will only receive higher APY rates if they maintain balances of $2,500 or more. This account is not subject to Federal Reserve Regulation D, meaning that customers may make up to six transactions per statement cycle without any penalty fees. Lastly, Discover Bank offers Certificates of Deposit (CDs), which allow customers to lock in a fixed rate of return over a pre-determined length of time ranging between three months and five years. These accounts provide guaranteed returns with minimal risk but early withdrawal penalties apply should the customer need access to their money before the CD’s maturity date.


Interest Rates & Apys

Discover Bank offers competitive interest rates and APYs on savings, money market accounts, and CDs. With the Discover Savings account, customers can earn up to 0.50% APY with no minimum balance or monthly maintenance fees. The Discover Money Market Account allows for a potential rate of up to 1.05% APY when linked to an existing Discover checking account. Customers may also take advantage of high yields with Discover’s Certificates of Deposit (CDs). CD terms range from 3 months to 10 years with APYs as high as 2.10%. An additional benefit is that customers are able to access funds before maturity without penalty in the form of a partial withdrawal if needed.

When it comes to earning higher returns, consumers should be aware that certain conditions must be met to receive maximum yield offered by each product type at Discover Bank. These requirements include setting up direct deposit into eligible accounts and maintaining active debit/credit cards within the same bank relationship among other factors. For example, although deposits in excess of $25,000 will still earn 0.50% APY on savings accounts regardless of the amount deposited, those with balances over $250,000 have the opportunity to reap higher rewards through various promotions available throughout the year from time-to-time based upon eligibility criteria set forth by Discover Bank.


Security Features & Customer Service

Discover Bank offers a variety of security features that help protect customers from fraud and identity theft. Account holders can set up two-factor authentication with their online banking, enabling them to receive an OTP (one-time password) during login to verify their identity. In addition, all customer data is encrypted and stored in secure databases, and Discover monitors accounts for suspicious activity. Customers can also contact the bank through its 24/7 Customer Service Center or use the app’s chat feature if they need to ask questions regarding their account. The bank has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, indicating positive customer experiences with its service. Overall, Discover Bank provides a range of security measures combined with excellent customer service to ensure customers have a safe and pleasant banking experience.


Mobile Banking Accessibility

Discover Bank offers a mobile banking platform with features designed to make financial management easier and more efficient. Customers can download the Discover app on their smartphone or tablet and use it to access their accounts, view balances, pay bills, transfer money between accounts, deposit checks, receive account alerts, and more. The app also includes tools for budgeting and tracking spending. Furthermore, customers have the ability to set up automatic payments from their bank account to help keep them organized and on track with bill payments.

The security of mobile banking is taken seriously by Discover Bank. All customer information is encrypted using industry-standard technology when transmitted over the internet or stored in users’ devices. Additionally, all data is backed up securely so that customers are able to restore lost information if needed. To further protect users’ identities and finances, two-factor authentication is required when logging into the app or making certain transactions.


Pros & Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of banking with Discover Bank are worth considering. This section will examine the pros and cons associated with this online bank.

For starters, one of the primary benefits of using Discover Bank is its competitive interest rates on savings accounts, money markets, and CDs. Additionally, it offers FDIC-insured products that are designed to protect customers’ funds against loss or damage due to unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, the fees charged by Discover Bank for its services are generally lower than those of other banks.

On the downside, Discover Bank does not have a wide variety of checking account options available to customers. Furthermore, many ATMs do not accept cards issued by this bank; as such, customers may need to pay additional fees when they use out-of-network ATMs. Finally, some users report that customer service could be improved in terms of response time and helpfulness when responding to inquiries concerning their accounts.

When choosing an online bank for savings, money markets & CDs there are certain factors to consider:

  • Interest Rates – How much will you earn?
  • Fees – What kind of charges might apply?
  • Customer Service – Is help easily accessible if needed?

Weighing these considerations can lead to a decision about whether Discover Bank is right for your needs.



Discover Bank offers a range of banking services that includes savings, money markets and CDs. Offering competitive interest rates and APYs, comprehensive security features, customer service options and mobile accessibility, Discover Bank provides customers with the tools to make informed decisions about their financial wellbeing. The fees associated with each account type vary depending on how much is deposited or withdrawn from an account. Interest rates are also determined by deposit amount as well as the term length of a CD. Security measures include two-factor authentication for online access and secure encryption technology to protect personal data. Customer service can be accessed through multiple channels including email, phone and live chat support. Mobile banking allows customers to manage their accounts easily while on the go.

In conclusion, Discover Bank presents a complete suite of banking products designed to meet the needs of its customers. Its combination of competitive interest rates and APYs, security features and customer service offer peace of mind when managing finances. With mobile accessibility included in this package, users have greater flexibility than ever before when it comes to conducting transactions safely and securely wherever they are located. For those looking for a reliable and trustworthy bank provider, Discover Bank is certainly worth considering.

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