Cleo Review – Save & Budget With This Ai Chatbot App

Cleo is an AI chatbot app designed to help people save and budget their money. It provides users with the ability to set financial goals that can be easily tracked, as well as providing personalized financial advice tailored to individual needs. Cleo has become increasingly popular among users due its user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and useful insights into personal finances. This review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the features offered by this innovative app so that potential users can assess whether it is suitable for them.

The first section will discuss how Cleo works, examining both its general functioning and the specific tools available on the platform. The second part looks at how secure and reliable the service is, considering factors such as data security and customer support options. Finally, a conclusion will summarize key findings from this review in order to give interested readers a better understanding of what they can expect from using Cleo.

Overall, Cleo promises much more than just traditional banking services; instead it offers interesting new ways for individuals to take control of their own finances through sophisticated automated technology.


Overview Of Features

Cleo is an AI chatbot app that helps users save and budget their money. The app provides a variety of features to help people achieve financial success. These features include analyzing spending behavior, setting goals, tracking progress, saving automatically, sending notifications about upcoming payments, managing bills and making transfers between accounts. Additionally, Cleo offers personalized advice and recommendations tailored to each user’s unique financial needs.

The app also allows users to link their bank account so they can easily track their finances in one place without having to switch between different banking apps or websites. Through the use of secure encryption technology, all data stored on Cleo is kept safe from unauthorized access. Furthermore, the app has no minimum balance requirement or hidden fees for using its services. All these features make Cleo an ideal tool for helping users manage their finances more effectively.


Benefits & Drawbacks

The benefits of using the Cleo app to help manage finances is evident. As an AI-driven chatbot, it provides a personalized experience that allows users to track their spending, save for goals and set budgets. It also offers realtime notifications about upcoming bills and payments, helping users stay on top of their financial situation. Additionally, this app has partnered with many major banks so customers can link accounts directly from their banking platform.

Some of the specific advantages include:

  • Automated budgeting tools allow users to quickly set up monthly budgets and keep track of expenses
  • Clear visualizations make it easy to understand where money is being spent and how much is left in each category
  • Ability to connect bank accounts means no manual entry of transactions
  • Goal setting feature helps people stay motivated when saving for something special
  • Real time notifications alert users when they have exceeded their spending limit or are close to reaching a goal

Cleo does come with some drawbacks as well; most notably its limited compatibility outside the U.S. market and lack of investment options. Additionally, while there are savings features available within the app, these don’t offer competitive rates compared to other platforms like Wealthfront or Acorns which may be better suited for those looking for higher returns on investments. Despite these shortcomings, Cleo’s intuitive interface makes it an attractive option for anyone seeking an automated way to manage daily finances more effectively.


Ease Of Use

Cleo is an AI chatbot app designed to help users save and budget. The user interface of the Cleo app was created with ease of use in mind, allowing anyone to quickly get started saving their money.

In terms of navigation, the main page provides a clear overview of recent spending activity as well as all available features within the app. From there, users can easily access banking accounts, transfer funds between them, or view detailed information about each account. The “Settings” tab allows for further customization by enabling notifications and setting goals. Additionally, Cleo also offers helpful tutorials on how to maximize savings depending on individual needs.

The appeal of this platform lies mainly in its intuitiveness; it does not require any prior knowledge or technical understanding from the user, making it accessible for everyone regardless of experience level. Moreover, since most transactions are automated via bank connections provided by the user at setup time – for example linking credit cards or debit cards – manual data entry is minimized which helps reduce chances of errors during transfer processes. Furthermore, users can always check up-to-date balances and insights into potential trends through simple commands sent directly to the bot (e.g., “show me my balance”).

Benefits  Drawbacks  Neutral
Intuitive Manual data entry Tutorials 
Automated transfers Notifications
Up-to-date balances Goals 

Overall, Cleo’s design has been successful in providing a straightforward tool that simplifies tracking finances without sacrificing clarity and accuracy – something that other popular financial apps have yet to accomplish.


Connection With Financial Institutions

Cleo provides users with the ability to connect their bank accounts and credit cards directly within the app. This allows for a centralized view of all financial information, making budgeting easier and more efficient. Additionally, it offers features such as:

Direct Connections:

  • Bank Accounts – Syncing bank accounts enables users to track spending in real-time, see upcoming bills, and set up automatic transfers between different accounts.
  • Credit Cards – Linking credit cards helps the user keep an eye on their balance, make payments quickly and easily, manage debt repayment strategies, and receive personalized insights into how they can save money.

Furthermore, Cleo also offers integration with various other third-party services such as PayPal and Venmo. Through these connections, users are able to transfer funds from one account to another without leaving the app. They are also able to monitor transactions across multiple platforms simultaneously which makes managing finances much simpler than having individual apps for each service provider.

In addition to providing direct connections with banks and other financial institutions, Cleo’s AI chatbot is available 24/7 to answer questions about banking products or provide personalized advice based on the user’s current situation. The chatbot is powered by natural language processing technology that understands complex queries and provides accurate responses in real time so that customers can get help immediately when needed.


Security & Privacy

Cleo is an AI chatbot app that offers users the ability to save and budget their money. Security and privacy are paramount when it comes to financial services, so it’s important to assess how well Cleo performs in these areas. In regards to security, Cleo has implemented multiple encryption layers for its web application as well as all data stored on its servers. All user-submitted information is securely transmitted via HTTPS protocol with TLS 1.2 encryption enabled by default. Additionally, two-factor authentication (2FA) can be used for extra account protection.

In terms of privacy, Cleo states that it does not collect or store any sensitive banking information such as credit card numbers or bank passwords. Furthermore, its policy prohibits sharing personal data with third parties without explicit consent from its users. They also offer a GDPR-compliant opt-out option if users wish to have their accounts deleted permanently. This means that users retain full control over their private information while using this service.


Pricing & Plans

Transitioning from the previous section on security and privacy, it is now time to discuss pricing & plans for Cleo. In order to assist consumer budgeting decisions, a comprehensive overview of Cleo’s current offerings have been presented in the following table.

Plan  Monthly Subscription Cost Per Month
Free  No   $0
Plus  Yes  $3-5
Premium  Yes  $7+

The free plan includes access to all features available within the app such as tracking spending categories, setting budgets and goals, but does not include access to premium features such as cashback rewards or early salary advances. The plus plan unlocks additional exclusive benefits like personalized banking insights and financial advice along with unlimited transfers between bank accounts. Finally, the premium subscription also grants users access to credit score monitoring services as well as additional discounts on partner products. All plans are subject to applicable taxes and fees where necessary.

Cleo offers a variety of payment options including debit/credit cards and Apple Pay that enable customers to pay at their own convenience while ensuring safe transactions through its secure payments platform. Users can take advantage of its 3 month trial period which allows them to test out all the features before committing fully. Overall, Cleo provides an attractive suite of flexible solutions tailored towards individual customer needs with competitive pricing points making it a viable option when considering budgeting apps.



Cleo is a comprehensive AI chatbot application that provides users with the ability to save and budget effectively. The features of this app are beneficial, as they provide users with easy-to-follow instructions for saving and budgeting. Furthermore, its connection with financial institutions allows users to access their finances in an organized manner and transfer money safely. Additionally, the security measures employed by Cleo offer peace of mind since sensitive information is kept secure. Lastly, the pricing plans offered are pocket friendly, making it accessible to various income levels.

Overall, Cleo offers a well-rounded package for those who want to keep track of their finances without stress or hassle. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for anyone to use regardless of technical knowledge level. Moreover, its robust security protocols ensure that all data remains private and safe from fraudsters. Finally, the competitively priced subscription plans make it possible for people on any budget to take advantage of these helpful savings and budgeting tools.

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