Zions Bank Review – High Interest Savings, Checking & Money Market Accounts

Zions Bank is a financial institution based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It offers customers a range of banking services including high interest savings accounts, checking accounts and money market accounts. This review aims to provide an overview of the products and services offered by Zions Bank so as to assist potential customers with determining whether it is the right option for them.

The first part of this review will focus on what types of savings, checking and money market accounts are available from Zions Bank. Special features such as account minimums, fees and interest rates associated with each type of account will be discussed in detail. Additionally, other important details such as online access and customer service options will also be presented.

Finally, the review will offer insights into how well these products compare to those offered by similar institutions in order to help customers make informed decisions about their banking needs. With all information taken into consideration, readers should have all the necessary tools to decide if Zions Bank is right for them.



Zions Bank is a financial institution that offers banking services to individuals and businesses. It provides traditional banking services such as checking, savings, money market accounts, lending products, mortgages and more. The bank also has online and mobile banking options for customers to access their account information 24/7.

Zions Bank’s interest rates are competitive with other banks in the area making it an attractive option for those looking to maximize returns on deposits or minimize borrowing costs. Additionally, the bank offers an array of additional benefits like free internet bill pay, debit cards with no annual fee, overdraft protection and cash back rewards programs. Overall, Zions Bank provides comprehensive solutions for consumers seeking easy-to-use banking products at competitive prices.


Account Features

Zions Bank provides a range of accounts to meet customers’ financial needs. These include high-interest savings, checking and money market accounts. Customers can open one or more account types based on their individual requirements.

High-Interest Savings Accounts: High-yield savings accounts at Zions Bank offer competitive interest rates and fees that are lower than many other banks. Features such as no minimum balance requirement, free online banking, automatic transfers and the ability to link with other accounts make it an attractive option for those looking for higher returns without too much effort.

  • Free deposits up to six times per month
  • No monthly maintenance fee when you maintain a daily balance of $500
  • Interest compounded daily and credited monthly
  • Mobile check deposit available via the mobile app

Additionally, customers have access to 24/7 customer service support when needed. All transactions made through the bank’s online portal are secure using advanced encryption technology and two-factor authentication. With these features, customers can be sure their money is safe with Zions Bank while they enjoy peace of mind knowing their funds are earning maximum interest possible in a secure environment.


Fees And Charges

The fees and charges associated with Zions Bank accounts are relatively low in comparison to other banking institutions. The bank offers no monthly maintenance fee for its checking, savings, or money market accounts; however, there are some service fees that may apply depending on the account type chosen. To give an overview of the various fees and charges of each account type available at Zions Bank, a table has been created below:

 Account Type  Fees/Charges
Checking  Overdraft Fee
ATM Withdrawal Fee
Insufficient Funds Fee
Returned Item Fee
Savings  Excessive Transactions Fee
Early Closure Fee
Dormant Account Maintenance Fee
Money Market  Inactivity Service Charge
Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Outgoing Per Transaction Fee
Stop Payment Request Fee
ACH Return Item Processing Decline Fee

It is important to note that any applicable fees will be charged directly from the customer’s account balance. Additionally, customers can opt-in for text alerts which notify them when their account balance reaches a certain threshold. Not only does this help customers avoid overdrafts or other related fees but it also helps prevent potential fraudulent activity on their accounts. All in all, Zions Bank provides competitive rates as well as reasonable fees and charges to help customers get the most out of their banking experience.


Online Banking Services

Zions Bank offers a range of online banking services for customers to manage their accounts from any device, anytime. The bank’s digital platform provides secure access to checking and savings accounts as well as money market funds. Customers can:

  1. View account balances and history
  2. Transfer funds between accounts or make payments to other banks
  3. Set up automatic transfers
  4. Receive email notifications when transactions are processed

Customers also have the ability to set up alerts that notify them if there is an unexpected activity on their account, such as low balance or overdraft fees charged. Additionally, Zions Bank’s mobile app allows users to deposit checks with just a few clicks directly into their accounts without having to go through the hassle of visiting a physical branch office. With these convenient features, customers can easily monitor their finances and take control of their financial future in one place.


Customer Support

Zions Bank offers 24/7 customer support for savings, checking and money market accounts. Customers can contact the bank directly via telephone or email to receive assistance with their account, as well as any questions they may have about products or services. Additionally, customers are able to access a variety of online tools, such as budgeting calculators, financial education resources and app demos.

All of these features make it easy for customers to manage their finances on their own time. In addition to traditional customer service channels, Zions Bank also provides its customers with an extensive network of over 500 branches across nine states throughout the western United States. This allows customers to easily access banking services in person when necessary. Overall, Zions Bank has taken steps to ensure that all of its customers’ needs are met in regards to customer service and financial education.


Pros And Cons

Continuing from the discussion of customer support at Zions Bank, this section will explore the pros and cons associated with their banking services.

When looking at the advantages of opening an account with Zions Bank, one can observe that they offer competitive interest rates on both savings accounts as well as money market options. They also provide a wide range of checking accounts to fit individual needs and preferences. Additionally, customers can take advantage of online access and mobile banking capabilities, allowing them to manage their finances conveniently while on-the-go. Furthermore, there are no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements for most basic accounts.

Pros  Cons  Neutral 
 Competitive Interest Rates Limited Branches Secure Online Banking 
Wide Range Of Checking Accounts Slow Customer Support No Monthly Service Fees
Mobile and Online Banking Capabilities Low ATM Availability No Minimum Balance Requirements

Overall, Zions Bank offers numerous benefits for its customers in terms of financial management convenience and flexibility. However, there are some drawbacks such as slow customer support response times, limited branch availability and low ATM accessibility which may be problematic for some customers. Despite these shortcomings though, customers can still benefit from secure online banking combined with no monthly service fees or minimum balance requirements depending on what type of account is opened.



The Zions Bank offers customers a range of high interest savings, checking and money market accounts. These accounts are designed to meet the needs of individuals, families or businesses with varying financial goals. Account features include competitive rates, convenient online banking services and customer support. Fees and charges vary depending on the type of account opened.

For those interested in saving for their future, Zions Bank’s high-yield Savings Accounts offer competitive interest rates which can be compounded daily or monthly. Checking Accounts also provide access to funds without having to pay any minimum balance fees while Money Market Accounts allow users to earn higher returns than traditional savings options by investing larger amounts over longer periods of time.

Online banking facilities such as mobile deposit and bill payment makes it easy for customers to manage their finances from anywhere at anytime with just a few clicks. In addition, friendly customer service representatives are available 24/7 via phone, email or live chat should there be any queries related to transactions or account set up processes.

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