Ways To Spend Your Expiring Airline Travel Rewards Miles

Airline travel rewards miles are a valuable asset to many frequent flyers. Expiring airline travel reward miles can be used as a form of currency and have the potential to provide monetary value for its holder. This article will explore ways to spend expiring airline travel rewards miles in order to maximize their worth before they expire.

It is important to note that different airlines offer various benefits when using airline travel rewards miles, so it is essential for users to research which option best suits their needs. The main focus of this article is on the most common methods available for spending expiring airline travel rewards miles with major carriers such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.

The goal of this article is to provide readers with information regarding how expiring airline travel rewards miles can be used effectively in order to make sure the user does not lose out on any money or benefit from them. It will discuss strategies both travelers and non-travelers alike can apply when utilizing these points before expiration.


Overview Of Airline Travel Rewards Programs

Airline travel rewards programs are designed to incentivize frequent flyers by offering them the opportunity to earn points or miles for their loyalty. These programs vary from airline to airline, but typically involve earning a certain number of miles each time you fly on that particular carrier. Points can be redeemed for free flights, upgrades, discounts and other rewards such as access to airport lounges. In some cases, these miles can also be used towards other products and services offered by the airline’s partners. The best way to maximize your rewards is to understand how each program works and then find ways to use those rewards in order to get the most out of them before they expire.


When Your Miles Expire

When airline travel rewards miles are expiring, it is important to be aware of the options available for redeeming them. Most airlines typically allow travelers to use their expiring miles toward additional flights or upgrades on future flights. Depending upon the carrier and type of reward program chosen, some travelers may also have the option to transfer their points into bank accounts or credit cards in order to pay off balances or purchase gift certificates.

It is therefore essential for individuals who possess expiring airline travel rewards miles to research all potential redemption possibilities available within the particular loyalty program prior to expiration. Understanding how much value each mile will receive when redeemed can help maximize usage of airline loyalty programs before it is too late.


Using Miles For Flight Discounts

Airline travel rewards miles can be used to purchase discounted tickets for flights. Depending on the airline, members may have access to different discounts and special offers that are available with their rewards points. Here is a list of ways travelers can use their expiring airline travel reward miles:

  • Use them for a discounted seat upgrade
  • Purchase companion or family fares at reduced rates
  • Obtain discounts off normal ticket prices
  • Get exclusive offers from select airlines Additionally, some airlines will allow you to cash in your expired miles through online portals or booking sites like Expedia or Kayak.

The value of these rewards points varies depending on the airline but typically ranges from 1¢ to 2¢ per mile. To maximize savings when redeeming miles for flight discounts, it is important to do research and compare different options before making any decisions.


How To Exchange Miles For Merchandise And Gift Cards

For those travelers who have expiring airline travel rewards miles, there are additional opportunities to benefit from them. One option is to exchange these miles for merchandise or gift cards. Depending on the program and airline, travelers can use their reward points to purchase items such as electronics, jewelry, clothing, home goods and more. In addition, they may choose to redeem points for gift cards that are accepted at numerous retailers including department stores, restaurants and other businesses.

The process of exchanging miles for products or gift cards varies with each airline’s program. However, generally speaking the traveler must first register a profile in the appropriate account portal and then select what item they would like to receive based on how many airmiles they possess. They will then be able to access information regarding availability and current promotional offers associated with their selected product or gift card. After making their selection it is possible to pay using either cash or miles; if paying with miles the final cost is often discounted due to promotional incentives offered by the airlines. Finally, once payment has been processed the order should arrive within a few days depending upon delivery options chosen by the customer.


Transferring Miles To Other Loyalty Programs

Airline travel rewards miles can be transferred to other loyalty programs, allowing individuals to maximize their value. This is accomplished by transferring miles from one loyalty program to another, enabling travelers to accumulate and redeem points for a variety of services such as hotel stays, car rentals, merchandise or gift cards. A fee may apply when transferring miles between loyalty programs; however, the cost may be offset by the additional benefits received through redemption at other merchants or airlines.

Additionally, some airline partners allow transfers with no fees associated within their network. Individuals should research transfer policies thoroughly before committing in order to obtain optimum value for expiring airline travel rewards miles. With careful consideration given to transfer policies and fees, individuals are able to make informed decisions regarding how they wish to spend their expiring reward miles.


Donating Miles To Charities

Airline rewards programs often offer travelers the opportunity to donate their miles and points to charities. When donating airline rewards miles, it is important for travelers to select a charity that aligns with their values and interests. Many airlines partner with specific organizations in order to facilitate donations of accumulated miles. For instance, Delta Air Lines partners with Points of Light, an organization devoted to volunteerism around the world, while United Airlines works with Make-A-Wish Foundation International, which grants wishes to children facing life-threatening medical conditions.

In addition to selecting the right charitable partner, donors should also be aware of any limitations on donated air travel awards. Some reward programs have restrictions on how many miles can be donated or require certain minimum donation amounts. Furthermore, some mileage donations are nonrefundable so potential donors must take care when deciding how much they would like to contribute.



Airline travel rewards programs offer travelers a chance to earn miles by performing certain activities. When those miles expire, it is important for the traveler to understand their options in order to make the most of their accumulated miles. Different methods exist for spending or transferring expiring airline travel rewards miles. These include using them for flight discounts, exchanging them for merchandise and gift cards, transferring them into other loyalty programs, and donating them to charities.

Knowing when and how to use expiring airline travel rewards miles can be beneficial as they provide travelers with opportunities that would otherwise not have been available. By utilizing these different methods, travelers may find themselves able to maximize their investment in the program by obtaining more value from the reward than if left unspent or expired. Additionally, donating unused or expiring miles can help support various charitable causes depending on which option the traveler chooses.

Overall, understanding when and how to best utilize expiring airline travel rewards miles offers an opportunity for travelers to increase their return on investments made through participating in loyalty programs. Both immediate benefits such as discounted flights or exchangeable goods and services as well as altruistic contributions are possible outcomes of being aware of this knowledge. Therefore, gaining insight into ways one can spend their expiring airline travel rewards miles can be advantageous for any frequent flyer looking to reap the full benefits of participation within such a program.

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