Twine Review – A Saving & Investing App For Couples

Twine is a saving and investing app that enables couples to reach their financial goals together. This review will provide information about the features of Twine, as well as potential benefits for users. It will also explore some common considerations when using this type of platform for managing finances with a partner.

The use of technology in personal finance has increased significantly over recent years, particularly with the rise of mobile platforms such as Twine. The app provides both security and convenience, allowing users to easily manage their savings and investments from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, it offers a variety of tools to support couples in reaching shared objectives around money management.

This article will examine the functions of Twine and assess its performance based on user reviews. It will also consider how this type of application can be used as an effective tool for increasing communication between partners regarding financial matters.


Overview Of The Platform

Twine is a saving and investing app for couples. It allows users to manage joint accounts, track progress towards goals, and invest in the stock market with an automated portfolio. The platform enables couples to save money together while also tracking their finances. Twine requires both parties to register and join before you can use it. Once registered, users are able to link existing bank accounts or create new ones within the app. Accounts may be used as savings goals or invested into portfolios that range from conservative investments such as bonds to riskier stocks and ETFs. Users have access to real-time updates on their account balances, performance reports, and tax information on their investments.

Additionally, they can contribute funds directly through direct deposits or manual transfers from linked external accounts without any fees charged by Twine itself. The app provides detailed analytics of investment performance which can help guide decisions about future contributions or withdrawal amounts. In addition, users have the option of setting up recurring payments so that money is automatically transferred each month into their shared Twine account at predetermined intervals. This feature helps ensure regular contributions towards achieving financial goals over time.


Features And Benefits

Moving forward, Twine offers various features and benefits that make it an attractive option for couples looking to save and invest. The platform allows users to open a joint savings account with a minimum deposit of only $5 and then set up recurring deposits from either bank accounts or debit cards. Couples can also track their progress towards goals such as vacations, weddings, and other large purchases through the app’s goal tracker feature. Additionally, Twine’s investment options provide access to low-cost mutual funds managed by Vanguard so users have the ability to create balanced portfolios tailored to their individual needs. Furthermore, the app provides personalized advice based on each user’s risk preferences and financial situation in order to ensure they are making sound investments decisions.

The convenience of using Twine makes saving and investing simple while offering comprehensive tools that help couples manage their finances more effectively. With its intuitive interface, automatic transfers, portfolio customization, and personalized recommendations; Twine is well suited for those who want to easily manage their finances together without having any prior knowledge about investing.


How It Works

Twine is a saving and investing app designed specifically for couples. It allows two users to link their bank accounts, set financial goals, and track progress towards those goals. By connecting both of the user’s accounts, Twine makes it easier for couples to manage finances together and make long-term investments in each other’s future.

To use Twine, users need to create an account on its website or mobile application. Then they can either invite someone else or have another person join them by entering their email address. Once that process has been completed, the couple will be able to review their linked accounts and decide how much money they wish to contribute into one joint savings pot. The app also provides investment advice tailored to individual couples’ situations as well as additional features such as budgeting tools and tracking spending habits over time.

With Twine, couples are able to easily save up money for shared goals like buying a home or taking a vacation – all while working together toward common financial objectives. As an added bonus, couples who open a joint Twine account may even qualify for competitive interest rates from select banks or credit unions.


Pros And Cons

Twine is a saving and investing app designed for couples. The primary benefit of the app is that it allows users to save and invest money together easily by linking their bank accounts. Additionally, users can set up automatic deposits into an FDIC-insured investment account, which earns interest over time. Furthermore, Twine also provides financial guidance based on individual goals, as well as educational resources to help users make informed decisions about how to manage their money.

However, there are some potential drawbacks to using this service. First, Twine doesn’t have any physical branches or customer service representatives available for assistance in person; instead all support must be done online or through its mobile app. Second, since Twine uses algorithms to determine what investments are best suited for each user’s risk tolerance level, the recommendations may not always be appropriate for everyone’s unique situation. Finally, because the fees associated with managing each account vary depending on the type of investment chosen by the user, costs can add up quickly if multiple types of investments are made.

Overall Twine offers advantages such as ease of use and automated financial advice tailored to each couple’s needs but also has limitations related to lack of physical branches and varying fee structures associated with different types of investments.


Cost & Fees

When it comes to cost and fees, Twine is an affordable option for couples. It requires a minimum deposit of $5 and charges no account setup or other fixed fees. The only fee associated with the service is their 0.25% annual management fee on all investments made through Twine. This fee covers portfolio rebalancing, tax reporting, and customer support services provided by the company.

In addition to the low fees charged by Twine, investing in stocks and ETFs through this app can be done without any commission fees. Depending on the broker used, there may be additional costs such as monthly maintenance fees that could apply when using outside brokers to invest in mutual funds instead of those offered by Twine. Ultimately, these additional costs should still remain lower than traditional brokerage firms due to the absence of trading commissions.


Compatibility & Security

Twine is a saving and investing app designed for couples. It provides users with an effective way to manage their finances together, while ensuring compatibility and security. The app’s compatibility features ensure that all users are able to access the same account, regardless of what device they are using or where they are located. Twine also has various levels of security in place to protect user data from unauthorized access. All communication between devices is protected by 256-bit encryption technology and two-factor authentication is used as an additional layer of protection.

Additionally, any changes made to an account must be approved by both users before they take effect. These features make it difficult for anyone other than the users themselves to gain access to the funds stored in their Twine accounts. In summary, Twine ensures compatibility across different platforms and secure storage of user information, making it a reliable and safe financial management tool for couples who want to save and invest together.



The Twine app offers an innovative way for couples to save, invest and grow their money together. The platform is easy to use and provides a secure environment that allows users to manage financial goals as a team. Twine’s combination of automated savings, goal-based investments and simple budgeting tools make it an attractive option for couples looking to build wealth together. It also comes with low fees and no minimum balance requirements, making it accessible even to those who don’t have much saved up yet.

Twine has the potential to be beneficial for many people, both those new to investing and more experienced investors alike. Its user friendly interface makes managing finances easier and less intimidating. Additionally, its commitment tracking feature can help couples stay accountable when working towards shared financial goals such as saving for a house or paying off debt. This transparency ensures that each partner knows exactly where they stand financially at all times.

Overall, Twine is a great choice for couples wanting to save or invest together in a secure and convenient manner. With its range of features designed specifically for couples’ needs, ease of use and affordable pricing structure, this app is sure to be popular among those seeking joint success in finance management.

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