The Best Credit Cards With Free Doordash Dashpass

The availability of credit cards offering DoorDash DashPass with no additional charge is an attractive option for those interested in taking advantage of the food delivery service. This article provides information about some of the best credit cards that offer free access to DoorDash’s subscription program, DashPass. It also outlines important features associated with these cards such as rewards and benefits, fees, customer service options, and disclosure agreements. By reviewing this information, individuals can determine which card provides the most value for their particular needs.

The number of people relying on restaurant take-out or delivery has skyrocketed due to the pandemic. To make it easier and more affordable to get meals delivered from local restaurants, many companies have begun offering discounts and deals through subscription programs like DoorDash’s DashPass. With a variety of different credit cards now providing free access to these services, customers are able to save money every time they order food online.

This article examines some of the best available credit cards that come with free access to DoorDash’s popular DashPass program. Through careful analysis of key factors such as rewards structure, fees, customer service policies and disclosures provided by each company, readers will be better equipped to identify the ideal credit card for their unique situation.

Overview Of Dashpass

DashPass is a subscription service offered by DoorDash that provides users with free delivery, exclusive discounts and other perks. The program has two tiers: DashPass Standard and DashPass Plus. With the Standard version, customers receive $0 delivery fees on orders over $12 from eligible restaurants in select markets. They also get access to exclusive deals like 10% off all orders for 30 days after signing up. For additional benefits such as waived activation fee and higher discounts on some food items, customers can upgrade to DashPass Plus.
The cost of each tier varies depending on location but generally ranges between $9.99-$14.99 per month or an annual fee of $99-$119 respectively. There are also certain credit cards that offer complimentary membership to either one or both of these tiers when linked to their cardholder’s account. This article will discuss the best credit cards with free doordash dashpass available today.

Benefits Of Doordash Credit Cards

Credit cards that offer free DoorDash DashPass provide a variety of benefits to users. These include:

  • Free or discounted delivery fees
  • Access to exclusive rewards and promotions
  • No annual fee

The most popular credit card with this benefit is the American Express® Gold Card, which offers its members an automatic enrollment in the complimentary DashPass service for one year. Subsequently, card holders can enjoy free deliveries on orders over $12 from more than 300,000+ participating restaurants nationwide. Additionally, members receive up to $10 off each month when ordering through DoorDash or Caviar apps.

Furthermore, many credit cards associated with free DoorDash DashPass also have other attractive features such as cash back bonuses, generous sign-up bonuses and travel perks. For example, some cards may reward 3% cash back at U.S. supermarkets (on up to $6 thousand per year), while others may give 2 points per dollar spent on travel purchases made directly with airlines or hotels worldwide. In addition to these lucrative rewards programs, some of these same credit cards also come without any foreign transaction fees – making them great choices for international travelers looking to save money on their trips abroad.

Comparison Of Popular Credit Card Options

The range of credit cards available for those looking to benefit from DoorDash DashPass is vast. In this section, we will compare the features and benefits of some of the most popular options.

One such option is the American Express Gold Card. This card offers rewards in both flexible points and statement credits when used with DoorDash. Additionally, there are other perks that come with being an AmEx Gold member, including a $100 Airline Fee Credit each year as well as complimentary access to over 1 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the globe.

Another popular choice among DoorDash users is the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card. With this card comes 3x points on all travel and dining purchases (including those made through DoorDash) plus up to $300 in annual travel credits annually. Furthermore, it also provides cardholders with access to VIP airport lounges around the world. Both these cards offer generous signup bonuses; however, they have relatively high annual fees which should be taken into consideration before applying for either one of them.

Fees And Interest Rates

When comparing credit cards with free DoorDash DashPass, it is important to review the fees and interest rates associated with them. Most of these cards require an annual fee, which can range from $0 up to several hundred dollars per year. Some may waive the first-year fee or offer a reduced rate for the first few years. Interest rates can vary depending on the card issuer and type of card; however, many charge 0% APR introductory rates that could help save money in certain circumstances. Additionally, other factors such as spending limits, grace periods, late payment fees and balance transfer fees should also be taken into account when selecting a credit card.

In addition to considering general terms and conditions related to interests and fees, consumers should read through any special deals offered by individual banks or credit unions prior to making their choice. These offers may provide additional savings on specific types of purchases or cashback rewards programs that could make one particular card more attractive than others. It’s also worth noting that some cards come with extra features like travel insurance or extended warranty protection which might add even more value for consumers looking for those benefits.

Eligibility Requirements

When applying for a credit card with free DoorDash DashPass, certain eligibility requirements must be met. These vary depending on the type of card and issuing bank. Generally, applicants must meet specific income requirements as well as have a good credit score and history to qualify.


Requirement Credit Cards Banks
Income Requirements Variable Variable
Good Credit Score & History Yes Yes


Applicants should read through all the associated terms and conditions before signing up for any particular card or bank account. Some cards may also require additional information such as proof of identity or residency status. It is important to understand what will be required in order to make an informed decision when selecting a card that best suits one’s needs. Additionally, some banks may offer additional incentives such as introductory bonuses for new customers which should be taken into consideration when making a choice.

How To Apply

When it comes to applying for one of the best credit cards with free DoorDash DashPass, there are a few important steps that need to be taken. Firstly, potential applicants will need to review the requirements and ensure they meet any necessary criteria before submitting an application. Those who do not qualify may wish to consider other options available in order to reap the benefits of having a free DashPass.

The next step is to complete the online or paper application form, which includes providing personal information such as contact details, income sources and employment history. Additionally, applicants should upload their latest bank statements so that lenders can verify their financial stability and assess whether they are eligible for the card’s features and rewards. Once all documents have been submitted, those interested in obtaining one of these cards should expect to receive a response within four weeks regarding approval status.


The best credit cards with free DoorDash DashPass offer numerous benefits to consumers. It is important to compare the various options available in order to determine which card offers the most advantages for one’s individual needs and financial situation. Cardholders should be aware of fees and interest rates associated with their chosen card in addition to any eligibility requirements needed for approval. Applying for a credit card with free DoorDash DashPass can provide considerable convenience when using this food delivery service. By taking into account all aspects of these credit cards, individuals can make an informed decision that will suit their lifestyle and budget accordingly.

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