Target Redcard Review – Debit Card With 5% Discounts At Target

The Target RedCard Debit Card offers shoppers the ability to access discounts at Target stores. The card is provided by the retailer and can be used in conjunction with a checking account or prepaid debit card. This review will look into the features, benefits and drawbacks of this payment option. It will examine if it is an effective way to save money when shopping at Target stores, as well as any potential risks associated with using this type of payment method. By looking into these aspects, consumers can make an informed decision about whether the Target RedCard Debit Card is right for them.

This review will also consider how easy it is to obtain and use the card, along with its security features. Additionally, it will compare other similar cards available on the market to determine which one might offer more value for shoppers. Finally, customer feedback from those who have already used the card will be examined to get their opinion on how convenient and rewarding their experience was when using the Target RedCard Debit Card.

Overall, this comprehensive review should provide readers with sufficient information that allows them to decide if taking advantage of 5% discounts offered through the Target Redcard would be beneficial for their personal needs or not.


Overview Of Card Features

The Target REDcard offers a debit card with 5% discounts on purchases at Target stores, including online orders. The card is issued by TD Bank USA, N.A., and accepted anywhere that accepts Visa cards. It has no annual fee and can be used to earn rewards points when shopping at Target or other retailers in the U.S. Rewards are redeemable for cash back, gift cards, free shipping, special offers and more.

Additionally, shoppers can enjoy exclusive access to early sales events and invitations to select storewide events. A unique feature of this card is that it allows customers to pay their bills directly from their bank account without going through credit checks or having to provide personal information such as social security numbers. This makes it an ideal option for those seeking convenience while still enjoying considerable savings from using the card’s benefits.


Benefits And Drawbacks

Moving on from the overview of card features, this section will discuss the benefits and drawbacks associated with using a Target Redcard.


  • The biggest advantage that comes with using a Target Redcard is being able to enjoy 5% discounts on purchases at Target stores or online.
  • Cardholders also have access to additional promotional offers such as free shipping when shopping online.
  • Cashback rewards are offered for every purchase made at eligible locations.
  • For added convenience, cardholders can manage their account online through Target’s website or mobile app.


  • While it may seem like an attractive option to get 5% off all purchases at Target, there are certain restrictions in place which reduce its overall value.
  • Fees apply if you make late payments, go over your credit limit or use your card outside of the United States.
  • Additionally, cashback awards cannot be used for gift cards or other non-eligible items so they can only be applied toward future purchases.
  • Furthermore, some customers may find the annual fee too costly compared to other similar reward programs available from other retailers.

Overall, while there are definite advantages to having a Target Redcard, these need to be weighed against potential fees and limited uses of cash back rewards before making any decisions about signing up for one.


Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for Target REDcard, applicants must meet certain criteria. The first criterion is that the applicant must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Additionally, they must be 18 years of age or older and legal residents of the United States.

The following table outlines eligibility requirements:

Requirement  Must Meet
Age   18+
Legal Residency U.S. Resident
 SSN/ITIN Valid 

These are all mandatory conditions for obtaining approval for Target REDcard benefits. Applicants should also note that specific terms and conditions may vary based on their particular state’s regulations as well as other factors such as credit history and current financial standing. All information provided by applicants will be verified before approval is granted.


How To Apply For The Card

To apply for the Target RedCard Debit Card, applicants need to meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the preceding section. The application process is easy and straightforward, taking only a few minutes to complete online or at any Target store. To obtain their card, applicants must:

  1. Complete an online application form with personal information such as name, address, phone number and email address
  2. Provide proof of identity by presenting two forms of government-issued ID
  3. Submit a $20 deposit that will become available upon approval

The entire process should not take more than 10 minutes to finish and requires no credit check which enables quick approvals. Once approved, users can access their funds within 2 business days at any ATM across the U.S., make purchases with the debit card wherever Mastercard is accepted and receive discounts on eligible items purchased from Target stores or its website.


Additional Fees

The Target Redcard debit card provides consumers with a 5% discount on all purchases at Target stores. However, there are additional fees associated with the card that should be taken into consideration before applying for it. These include an annual fee of $5 and a monthly maintenance fee of $3. There is also a foreign transaction fee of 3%. Additionally, if payments are not made on time, late payment charges may apply.

The Target Redcard debit card is beneficial to those who frequently shop at Target stores as they can save money due to the discounts offered by the card. However, it is important to take into account any extra costs associated with the card in order to determine whether or not it will be cost-effective in the long run.


Alternatives To The Redcard

The RedCard is a popular debit card which provides customers with 5% discounts off purchases at Target stores. However, there are also other alternatives available that can provide similar benefits when shopping at Target. One such alternative is the Target Circle loyalty program. This program offers members exclusive discounts, personalized rewards and access to early sale notifications via email or text message. Additionally, members can earn 1% back on all their in-store and online purchases from Target.

Another option for those looking for savings at Target is the Cartwheel app. With this app, users can browse through hundreds of digital coupons for products across various categories including grocery items, home goods, apparel and more. These coupons can be added directly to a customer’s account and redeemed during checkout both in-store or online. Furthermore, any coupon used will result in an automatic 10%-50% discount depending on the product category chosen by the user.



In conclusion, the Target RedCard is an excellent choice for shoppers looking to save money at their favorite store. It offers a 5% discount on all purchases made at Target as well as free shipping and extended return periods. The eligibility requirements are relatively lenient, making it accessible for most people. Those wishing to apply can do so conveniently online or in-store.

There are no additional fees associated with this card aside from any potential late payments that may occur. For those not interested in the Target RedCard, there are other options available such as cashback rewards cards and general purpose credit cards that offer similar benefits. Overall, the Target RedCard Debit Card provides a great way to save money when shopping at one of America’s largest retailers.

For shoppers who have yet to take advantage of these savings opportunities, applying for the RedCard could be a wise financial decision – especially if they shop frequently at Target stores or online. Benefits include discounts on all purchases as well as access to exclusive promotions and extended return periods. However, those considering this card should make sure they meet eligibility requirements and understand what additional fees may apply prior to signing up for the program. Ultimately, the Target RedCard Debit Card has many advantages for frequent customers of the retail giant that could result in significant savings over time.

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