Split Transactions

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How to do a Multi-Category or Split Transaction

As you get ready to begin spending with ProActive a common situation will come up – Split purchases.

If you shop at Wal-mart, and who doesn’t, then chances are you’re going to purchase from various categories. Entertainment, Groceries, Sporting Goods, Home Repair, Clothing….you get the idea.

We basically have two methods for how you do it at the check out line:

1 – Multiple Transactions: Personally this is my favorite because I like things to be exact. So I like using the dividing bar on the conveyor belt and then I would ring up each category separately, taxes and all!

2 – Guess and Transfer: For you busy mom’s that’s just way to slow when your kids are crawling over the candy shelves. For this you “guesstimate” how much you need from each category and just transfer it into one designated category. Then do just one transaction out of that designated category.  Ideally this is done before you buy it all, but if you have enough money in that one designated category it could be done after once you get back to the minivan and the kids are buckled in (I love minivans).