Shopping on Amazon

ryclark Using ProActive

Amazon is a wonderful place to buy stuff, so knowing how they charge cards is important.

Amazon charges your card when the items are ready to ship. This may mean that they’ll hit your card immediately after you place your order or it could be a few days later. Here’s what you do:

  1. Put your ProActive spending card information in as your payment method
  2. “Open” the category you’ll be spending out of in the ProActive App
  3. Place your order.

ProActive’s categories stay open for 30 minutes. If the charge comes through in that time, then you’re done!

If the charge doesn’t come through right then, then Amazon will notify you when they’re ready for the charge. This sometimes can be days later, but you will get a message to “Revise Payment Method”. Amazon also offers a text message notification service about your orders. If you have that turned on then they’ll send you a text about it.

(The following images are from the Amazon App on my phone. The Website may look different, but the steps are the same)

Log in and see your orders.  Tap on the order with “Payment revision needed”

Tap “Revise Payment Method”

Open your category in the ProActive App

Choose the ProActive card again and press “Continue”

All done!