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Ryan J Clark, ProActive Founder & CEO
Ryan J. Clark began his career in the real estate market, flipping 5 houses at the age of 18. Later, as a mortgage broker, he found that his true passion was in teaching people about money.

In 2004, Ryan entered the financial services industry, and in his first 3 months set a new sales record. Since then he has qualified for MDRT 5 times, and in 2011 he qualified as a Top of the Table producer putting him in the top 1% of advisors in the world. He’s achieved the Centurion and Guardian Hero awards and most recently was added as a Wall of Fame producer.

In 2014 he authored his first book, The Order of Wealth, which explains a simple process anyone can use to create and keep wealth.

Ryan’s Goal is to provide better tools, systems, and training to clients allowing them to achieve real financial freedom long term.