New Features (Coming Soon)

Unite your family with

Kid Cards


With Kid cards you can:

  • Custom Categories - Easily split that $12 babysitting income to Charity, Savings, and Spending
  • Share Family Categories - Need your teen to buy milk from Groceries or school concert tickets for the family from Entertainment? Just share the family category. Never reimburse again!
  • Pay Chores & Allowances - Pay kids just by transfering funds to their category on your app. They'll then choose how they want to split it up.
  • Super Parent - Teach Money Principles and watch your kids see just how smart you really are
  • No Phone Needed -  Categories can be activated from your app as needed or just keep their Spending Category active all the time. Kids just carry the card. But if they have a phone they can use that too.

Use ProActive with

Reward Cards


Reward Cards can be great!  Free money back from your spending - travel, electronics, discounts, merchandise...awesome rewards!
In early 2018, ProActive will release a new system which will combine the power of envelopes with your rewards cardWe call it "Card Sync".

Here's how it works:

  1. Make a purchase
  2. ProActive "sees" the purchase
  3. ProActive asks you which budget category the funds should come from
  4. We deduct that amount from your bank or your ProActive account and pay your Card

Card Sync will allow you to have all your card accounts aggregated into one place in ProActive making it simple to see your spending and keep your entire budget in sync.  Plus, since your charges are being paid daily with cash it's as if your credit card magically changed to a debit card.  And since only 47% actually pay off their balances at the end of the month, we'll help keep you out of debt by making payments with each purchase!

Increase communication with

Partner Permissions


Partner Permissions is handy for keeping both partners on the plan when those "unexpected expenses" happen to come up. Partners are able to turn on the feature for any category.

When a Spend request is created by one of the partners, the other receives a message asking for permission to open the category for spending. This way, one partner doesn't "accidentally" spend the Christmas fund on a new gadget when the other doesn't agree.  (Might save your marriage too)