Personal Capital Review – Online Financial Advisor & Account Aggregation

Personal Capital is an online financial advisor and account aggregation platform that provides users with comprehensive investment advice. The platform helps users to track their finances, invest in the stock market, plan for retirement, analyze portfolio performance, and manage accounts from various institutions such as banks, credit unions, brokerages and mutual fund companies. This review will provide readers with insight into how Personal Capital can help them improve their overall financial health.

The first section of this review will explore the features offered by Personal Capital. Readers will gain a better understanding of what services are available on the platform as well as how they compare to other popular competitors in the finance sector. Additionally, readers will learn about the fees associated with using Personal Capital’s services and understand why it remains a popular choice among investors today.

Finally, this review will discuss how easy it is to set up an account and begin utilizing Personal Capital’s services. To conclude, readers should have all of the necessary information needed to determine if this online financial advisor & account aggregation service is right for them.



Personal Capital is an online financial advisor and account aggregation service. It provides users with personalized financial advice, budgeting tools, investment tracking, portfolio management, retirement planning and more. The platform allows users to connect their accounts from various banks and investments services in one place for easy monitoring of their financial health. Additionally, it offers a free 401(k) analyzer as well as access to advisors who can answer questions about investing and provide guidance on how to reach specific goals.

Its features are designed to help individuals manage their money efficiently while helping them stay organized and informed. Furthermore, the mobile app makes navigating these features easy and convenient for anyone on-the-go. Personal Capital provides comprehensive analysis of current assets along with sound recommendations based on each user’s individual circumstances. With its suite of automated tools and access to experienced professionals, this online service is suitable for those seeking both high level insights into their finances or simple tips for better managing their budgets.


Features & Benefits

Personal Capital is an online financial advisor and account aggregation tool. It offers a range of features and benefits to help users achieve their financial goals:

  • Comprehensive Financial View: Personal Capital provides users with a comprehensive view of all their finances, enabling them to track spending, investments, cash flow, retirement accounts, and more from one place.
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard: The dashboard incorporates intuitive design that makes it easy for users to navigate the platform and access insights quickly.
  • Automated Investment Guidance: With automated investment guidance, Personal Capital helps users make informed decisions about where best to invest their money.

In addition, its portfolio analyzer evaluates user’s current holdings against market benchmarks in order to identify potential areas for improvement.

The wide array of tools offered by Personal Capital also includes budgeting services, free credit score monitoring and tax planning support. Moreover, the company utilizes advanced security measures such as Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) and data encryption technology to ensure customer information remains secure while they use the service. By providing these features and benefits through an easily accessible platform, Personal Capital can assist users on their journey towards achieving their financial objectives.


Pros & Cons

Personal Capital is an online financial advisor and account aggregation service that provides users with access to personal finance tools, investment advice and portfolio management. It offers a variety of features designed to give users control over their finances, including budgeting, retirement planning, debt reduction strategies, as well as tracking investments and monitoring spending habits. There are many benefits associated with using Personal Capital’s services but there are also some drawbacks worth considering.

In terms of the advantages of utilizing Personal Capital’s resources, its platform allows for efficient money management by providing real-time updates on user accounts across multiple institutions. Its wealth management feature gives investors personalized asset allocation advice tailored to individual risk tolerance levels while its free financial analysis helps users measure progress towards short and long-term goals. Additionally, customers have access to human advisors when needed at no extra cost.

The downsides include fees charged for certain services such as those related to 401(k) rollovers or trust fund setup; potential conflicts of interest due to the firm being compensated through commissions; limited ability to customize portfolios in comparison with other robo-advisors; and lack of tax preparation assistance which can be found elsewhere. All in all, it appears that Personal Capital is a viable option for individuals seeking comprehensive financial guidance from a trusted provider.


Pricing & Plans

Personal Capital offers two different pricing plans. The first plan is the Free Plan, which includes basic money management features such as budgeting tools and retirement planning calculators. In addition to these benefits, users can access their financial accounts in one place with the Account Aggregation feature. This helps simplify tracking investments and monitoring spending.

The Premium Plan provides a more comprehensive suite of services for an annual fee of $19.99 per month or $199 annually. These additional services include personalized investment advice from licensed advisors, estate planning resources, tax optimization strategies, among other offerings. Both plans are available on desktop and mobile devices, providing convenience regardless of location.


Security Policies & Practices

Security is an important part of any financial service provider. Personal Capital ensures that its customers’ information is secure with a number of policies and practices in place. These include the implementation of two-factor authentication for login, encryption of customer data both at rest and in transit, as well as regular security audits to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Personal Capital also implements a variety of privacy measures such as limiting employee access to certain categories of customer data, providing notice when collecting personal data from users, and notifying customers about changes to their account information. All these measures are designed to protect customers from potential risks associated with online services, including identity theft and fraud.


Customer Support

Customer Support at Personal Capital is available in two ways: through their website and by phone. Through their website, customers can access FAQs, or submit an inquiry via the Contact Us page. Phone support is offered Monday-Friday from 8AM to 6PM PST.

Service Hours of Operation 
Website Inquiry Submission 24/7 Availability
Phone Support  8AM – 6PM PST 

When contacting customer support via either method, response times vary depending on the complexity of the issue presented; however, generally inquiries are responded to within one business day. Additionally, for those that require assistance with more complex financial issues such as investing advice and budgeting help, Personal Capital offers a team of Financial Advisors who are well equipped to address specific needs. These advisors have been found to be highly knowledgeable and responsive when contacted by clients.

Overall, Customer Support at Personal Capital has demonstrated its commitment to providing timely responses to inquiries both simple and complex alike. This level of service helps ensure client satisfaction while also maintaining a positive reputation for the company overall.



The Personal Capital review makes it clear that this online financial advisor and account aggregation service offers a range of features and benefits. With tools such as its Retirement Planner, Investment Checkup, Fee Analyzer, and more, users can manage their finances with ease. The cost of the service is competitively priced according to the user’s individual needs and preferences.

Additionally, the company takes great measures to ensure security for all data shared through their platform. Finally, customers have access to dependable customer support when they need help or advice. All things considered, Personal Capital provides an excellent solution for those looking for an effective way to manage their money in one place.

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