Moral Money – Pastor Daniel Meyer

ryclark Testimonial

shutterstock_180321461Pastor Daniel Meyer
(excerpts taken from a phone call with Ryan Clark on 12-16-2016)

We’re a homeschooling family and we go to church often. I’m a pastor of a Orthodox Christian church. As a Pastor, people are so quick in spending money nowadays. I think about the multiplicity of the things to buy and the ways to buy them. I regularly see financial problems from the parish here.

I’ve basically been waiting for something like this to come around. Assessing my own budgeting scheme and trying out so many of the others, I think this is something, even though there are so many competitors in the marketplace, I think there’s a real niche in the market for your product and I really believe in it being something that’s kind of fundamental to the family life.

I think the way that you’re marketing the product, it would really appeal to families attempting to take a traditional approach to managing their finances and being stewards of their money, and I think that’s something that’s really lacking from the reactionary approach to budgeting. Some of the other products, their niches don’t have as much meaning behind them. There’s some real strong connection to necessity with your product.

The way that I was raised you tell your money where it needs to go and it doesn’t control your life. Your product is essential to [do] that which isn’t really possible in the digital age

My wife and I do a lot on we purchase things online and it ends up saving us time, we don’t have to go to the store, but it’s been difficult to get the cash envelope system to fit into this new way we’ve shifted our monies over to during the last couple of years.

I think my two cents would be, don’t be afraid to make it small time and market it in a way that families or people who are committed to being traditionally moral with their money could have access to those things.

This is a valuable vision. You make reference in one of your videos that it used to be us Pastors or Priests saw the number one reason for divorce as being money. Sadly today that’s not the number one reason anymore, but it is certainly up there. So [money] is a significant thing for us to be caring about.

I’m interested in promoting this myself and investing in this instead of putting money into coins that just sit at my house. You guys definitely have a strong moral position.

I think a lot of what your product can do is help families get their time back for those of us who are trying to track our monies and be diligent in doing that. I haven’t used the product yet, but just having this kind of Simplicity and control to be able to tell we have this part of our life under control and now we can move on to [do] other stuff.

Thanks for creating this product. I’ve looked and I think you guys are the only ones doing anything like this as of yet, so I hope you do turn on the afterburners here so you can gobble up the hungry Market before anybody else.