Launched at Finovate Fall 2016

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It was an incredible day.  Ross and I practiced all morning at our hotel, running through the 7 minute demo more than a dozen times.

Arriving at the event was amazing!  The number of people in the audience and the professionalism was both nerve racking and exhilarating.  Ross was calmer than I was, and unfortunately, I had drunk too much water that morning. This coupled with the cold room and the the anxiety produced a few trips to the men’s room before getting up.

Finovate has two podiums for faster transitions, stage right and left.  We had practiced with Ross on my left and luck put us on stage the same way.  First success.

On stage, waiting in the dark, we watched as the company across the stage from us completely bombed. The failure ate up all their time. I felt so bad for them. Additionally, they and the guys before them were monotone speakers. This part actually enthused Ross and I.  We knew we’d give an entertaining show.

The lights came up and Ross started.  We decided it might be a good idea to have Ross start as more of an endorsement, which he pulled off masterfully, completely nailing his lines and power statements like: “After 2 decades…50,000 users on top finance apps…here’s what I’ve learned, Personal Finance Apps DONT WORK….”  Oh yeah!  Several finance apps were in the audience.

As he transitioned to me I began into the demo starting with a view of 3 cash envelopes.  As I spoke I then swept these off to replace them with our app and card – Digital Envelopes.

The audience laughed multiple times as we went through our demo.  They connected with our story and saw the humor in dealing with money in families and between spouses.

We ended with a strong applause.  We felt like rock stars and me in my bright green shirt.  Almost as soon as we got off the stage we were approached by a guy interested to learn more.  After that it was just one after another after another. We moved over to our booth where we had a line 4 people deep each (Ross and I) for 4 hours.

It was great!  So many great contacts. And at the end of the day, we were taken to dinner by the Head of Innovation at Barclays!  He’s setting up a meeting with the head of Barclay Card US to further discuss our technology.