Jasper Mastercard® Review

The Jasper Mastercard® is a credit card product introduced in 2020, offering users a range of benefits and features. This review will explore the advantages and disadvantages of this type of payment solution for consumers. It will evaluate how the Jasper Mastercard® stands up to traditional forms of banking such as debit cards or cash payments. Additionally, it will consider the customer service availability offered by Jasper and whether they offer any additional incentives that may be attractive to potential customers. By providing an assessment of these key aspects, this review aims to help readers decide if the Jasper Mastercard® would be suitable for them.

The first section will provide background information on the Jasper Mastercard®, including its main features and reward programs. The second part of this review will examine what sets the card apart from other offerings within the financial services industry. Finally, it will assess user feedback about their experience with the product, considering both positive and negative comments made online. With all this combined data at hand, readers can make an informed decision about whether or not to apply for the Jaspar Mastercard®.

By taking into account factors such as convenience, rewards options, fees associated with usage and customer service support, this review provides valuable insight into making an educated choice regarding bankcards like the Jasper Mastercard®. In conclusion, understanding how these different elements interact with each other offers effective guidance when deciding which service best fits your needs.


Overview Of Card Benefits

Jasper Mastercard® is a credit card with many benefits. It offers rewards for purchases, no annual fee and zero foreign transaction fees. The card also includes travel accident insurance, extended warranty protection and purchase protection of up to sixty days from the date of purchase in case an item purchased is damaged or stolen. Cardholders can take advantage of exclusive discounts at select merchants as well as 24/7 customer service access. Additionally, users have access to their FICO score free of charge through Jasper’s website each month. All these features make Jasper Mastercard® one of the top cards available on the market today.

The card provides a generous rewards program that allows users to earn points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases which can be redeemed for cash back, statement credits, merchandise or gift cards. Furthermore, it offers promotional financing options such as 0% APR introductory rates on balance transfers and purchases when opening an account. This makes it easier for customers to pay off larger purchases over time while avoiding interest charges during the promotional period. These features make this card ideal for consumers who want to save money on large purchases and earn rewards along the way.


Eligibility Requirements

The Jasper Mastercard® offers a range of benefits for cardholders. To be eligible to apply for the credit card, applicants must meet certain requirements. Primarily, individuals should have a good or excellent credit score ranging from 680-850, depending on their current financial situation and payment history. Additionally, potential customers need to provide proof of U.S residency with an official form of identification such as a driver’s license or passport. Furthermore, prospective cardholders will also need to supply proof of income in order to demonstrate that they can afford payments associated with the credit card usage.

To qualify for the Jasper Mastercard®, applicants must fill out an online application which requires personal information such as name, address, date of birth and Social Security number. Applicants will then receive an immediate decision regarding eligibility based upon provided documentation and past financial data. Upon approval, new customers are issued a physical card within seven business days along with instructions on how to activate it and begin using accepted services right away.


Fees & Charges

The fees and charges associated with the Jasper Mastercard® credit card vary depending on the account holder. The annual fee is $0, however there are other costs that may be incurred when using this card such as cash advance fees, balance transfer fees, foreign transaction fees, late payment penalties and others. Cash advances incur a fee of either 3% of the amount advanced or an absolute minimum of $10, whichever is higher.

When transferring balances from another financial institution to your Jasper Mastercard®, you will pay either 4% of the transferred amount or a minimum of $5 for each balance transfer. Additionally, if you make purchases in currencies other than USD then you will incur a 2.9% foreign exchange conversion fee per transaction. Late payments also carry a penalty equivalent to up to 37% interest rate on any outstanding unpaid balances after 30 days past due date. Therefore it is important to know what costs can potentially arise before deciding whether this credit card works best for individual needs.


Rewards Program

The Jasper Mastercard® offers a rewards program that is designed to reward cardholders for their purchases. Cardholders earn two points per dollar spent on all purchases, with no limit to the number of points they can accumulate. Points are redeemable in three ways: cash back as statement credit, shopping and travel benefits such as discounts at participating retailers or bonus air miles, and gift certificates from select merchants. The redemption process is simple; cardholders simply log into their account online and use their accumulated points towards eligible items.

In addition to these standard features, the Jasper Mastercard® also offers exclusive access to special events and experiences through an invitation-only loyalty program called MyJasperRewards. These unique privileges include exclusive hotel stays, VIP concert tickets, dining experiences, and more – ensuring that cardholders have access to amazing perks and benefits beyond those offered by most other cards.


Pros And Cons

Jasper Mastercard® offers numerous advantages for its users. First, cardholders benefit from no annual fees and a low APR of 13.99%-23.99%, compared to the average credit card rate of 16-25%. Additionally, there are cash back rewards up to 3% on select purchases, making it an attractive option for those who want to maximize their rewards with everyday spending.

Furthermore, Jasper Mastercard® includes several consumer protection benefits such as:

  1. Zero Liability Protection
  2. Mobile Payment Security
  3. Fraud Monitoring & Alerts
  4. Purchase Assurance Coverage

These features provide peace of mind when using this card online or at stores.

Overall, Jasper Mastercard® is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and secure way to make purchases while earning rewards points along the way. With competitive rates and added security benefits, it provides all the necessary elements needed in a quality credit card product.



Having discussed the pros and cons of using a Jasper Mastercard®, it is important to consider alternative options for payment. Credit cards are one such option, with many different companies offering competitive rates, points systems and reward programs. Debit cards also provide an alternative way to make payments, allowing individuals to access funds directly from their bank accounts without the need for cash or checks. PayPal is another popular choice amongst consumers as it allows users to quickly transfer money online securely and conveniently.

Finally, prepaid gift cards may be suitable for those who don’t wish to incur debt through credit or debit card use but still want the convenience that comes with using plastic instead of paper money. Prepaid cards can be loaded with a certain amount of money by either buying them at retail stores or loading them up online; they then allow you to spend only what has been put on them. Ultimately, each consumer should weigh all these various payment methods before deciding which best fits their needs and budget.



The Jasper Mastercard® is a competitively priced card offering great benefits for those who meet the eligibility requirements. It has no annual fee, and offers cash back rewards that can be redeemed easily online or through their app. The fees and charges are reasonable compared to other cards in its class, making it a good choice for those looking for an overall cost-effective option.

In terms of reward points, the Jasper Mastercard® offers an attractive program with generous redemption options. Depending on how much you spend per month, users may receive up to 5% cashback which makes this card particularly appealing to frequent shoppers. Additionally, the ability to redeem rewards directly from your phone or computer make the process convenient and user friendly.

When it comes to choosing a credit card, there are many factors to consider including fees & charges, eligibility requirements and reward programs. In comparison to similar cards available in its class, the Jasper Mastercard® provides great value with low costs and high returns when used responsibly. Therefore, if one meets the eligibility criteria and wants access to rewards while paying minimal fees & charges then this could be an ideal solution.

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