Do you have an Android App?

iPhone Simulator

This is a temporary work-a-round to get Android and Web users into the app now. We are currently working on a real app for you but this is months away. Use this simulator for first time on-boarding. The process is relatively simple, but requires a few extra steps. To avoid getting stuck, please read the entire article before proceeding. A

As part of creating a new account with ProActive, you are required to submit government ID to comply with federal regulations. On the app, this is done by taking a picture of your ID and uploading it. This web simulator cannot access your camera, so you will need to upload that photo from your phone to an online storage system like Google or Dropbox.

Getting Started - Upload your photo ID

  1. Using your Android device, take a clear picture of your Photo ID.
  2. Upload the image to an online storage system, such as Google or Dropbox. This can be accomplished using an app or your web browser.
  3. Return to this FAQ to start the web IOS simulator.


Download your photo ID to the simulator

  1. In the simulator, press TAP TO PLAY
  2. In the simulator, press the HOME BUTTON on the iPhone
  3. Launch the web browser SAFARI- The icon looks like a compass
  4. NAVIGATE to the cloud storage system where you uploaded the photo. Example:
  5. LOG IN to your storage system
  6. DOWNLOAD your image to the image library - Note: You may have to log press the image to save to the gallery
  7. Save the your image to the Gallery


Add your photo id from the gallery

  1. Press the HOME BUTTON
  2. Find and launch PROACTIVE BUDGET APP
  3. Click ALLOW on the notification questions.
  4. Sign in using your credentials, or signup for a new account
  5. Follow onscreen prompts until you reach the ID/Photo section.
  6. Click the box
  7. When prompted submit your ID from the Image Library
  8. Complete remaining steps to finish setting up your account

We recommend bookmarking the iPhone Simulator and using it like an app or You can use a feature limited web version