Huntington Business Banking Review – Checking, Savings & More

Huntington Bank is a major regional bank with branches across the Midwest and beyond. It offers comprehensive banking services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, investment options, credit cards and more. This article reviews Huntington’s business banking offerings to help potential customers decide if it is right for them.

The first part of this review focuses on what types of business accounts Huntington offers, as well as the associated fees and features. The second part looks at how traditional banking services such as deposits and withdrawals are handled by Huntington Bank. Finally, this article discusses other benefits that come from using Huntington Bank for business banking needs.

Overall, businesses looking into their banking options should consider all aspects of each provider before making a decision. By understanding the various services and products available through Huntington Bank Business Banking Review – Checking, Savings & More, companies can make an informed choice about which financial institution will best meet their specific needs.



Huntington Bank offers a wide range of business banking services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs and money market accounts. In addition to these traditional offerings, Huntington also provides merchant services, treasury management solutions and commercial loans. With locations in eight states across the Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions, as well as online and mobile banking options, businesses have access to convenient banking solutions wherever they are located.

Businesses can open a variety of different types of checking and savings accounts with Huntington Bank. These include basic interest bearing checking accounts for everyday transactions; commercial relationship checking which earns rewards points when linked to other products; and specialty business savings accounts that offer higher rates than typical savings accounts. Additionally, there is an array of CD’s available with terms ranging from 3 months up to 5 years. Money market deposit accounts provide additional benefits such as a tiered structure allowing customers to earn higher yields on larger deposits.


Account Types

Huntington Bank offers a variety of accounts to suit the needs of its customers. They are:

  • Checking Accounts: Huntington boasts an array of checking accounts, including traditional and interest bearing options, with features such as free online banking and mobile deposits.
  • Savings Accounts: Customers can open savings accounts with competitive rates and no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.
  • CDs/IRAs: For added security, customers can invest in certificates of deposit (CDs) that come with fixed terms ranging from 3 months to 5 years, along with individual retirement accounts (IRAs).
  • Investment Services: A wide range of investment services are available for those interested in diversifying their portfolios.

In addition to these account offerings, the bank provides helpful financial advice through its website and customer service representatives. All products and services provided by Huntington Bank are protected by FDIC insurance up to $250,000 per depositor.


Features & Benefits

Huntington Business Banking offers checking, savings and other products to meet the needs of businesses. Checking accounts come with features such as free online banking and bill pay, mobile check deposits, overdraft protection options and up to two free non-Huntington ATM transactions per statement cycle. Savings accounts offer competitive interest rates and no monthly maintenance fees. Other services include business debit cards, loan solutions for qualifying customers, merchant solutions, cash management solutions and more.

Businesses are also afforded access to Huntington’s customer service team for assistance in managing their financial needs. The bank is dedicated to providing easy-to-use tools that help customers make informed decisions about their finances. Additionally, businesses can use the secure online portal or mobile app to manage their accounts from anywhere at any time.


Fees & Rates

Huntington Bank provides a variety of financial products and services, including checking and savings accounts with different fees and rates. This section will analyze the fees associated with these products as well as their current interest rates.


Product Fees & Rates 
Checking Accounts $0-$25/month depending on account type
0.01%-0.05% APY
Savings Accounts  $5/month if balance falls below $500
0.15%-1.39% APY
CDs (Certificate of Deposit) Minimum deposit starts at $200
0.50%-2.00% APY (depending on term)


Additionally, Huntington offers various other banking services such as online bill pay and mobile deposits for free or discounted costs based on account type and additional banking services purchased from them, respectively. All aforementioned information is subject to change without notice so customers should check for updates before deciding which product best fits their needs.

The bank also has an overdraft fee policy that charges up to $35 per transaction when insufficient funds are in an account to cover payments or withdrawals; however this fee can be waived by enrolling in its Overdraft Protection Program with certain qualifications applied beforehand. Furthermore, there is no minimum balance requirement for any of its accounts though they may require a higher minimum opening deposit than traditional banks do. In summary, Huntington Bank’s fees and rates provide competitive value compared to similar offerings of traditional banks along with unique features like discounts on purchases made through Level Up program partners when enrolled in qualifying consumer checking accounts.


Customer Service

Huntington Bank provides customers with various options for customer service. Customers may contact the bank by phone, email or live chat on their website. Additionally, Huntington operates more than 800 branches and 1,500 ATMs across eight states in the Midwest and mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. For customers who prefer a more personalized approach to banking, Huntington offers its personal bankers program which allows customers access to specially trained representatives who can help them manage their finances and make smart financial decisions.

The bank also has an online support center that answers frequently asked questions about products and services as well as providing helpful tips on managing money. Finally, Huntington’s mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices and includes features such as account transfers, bill pay, check deposit, and even letting you find nearby locations offering special deals or discounts. All of these features combine to provide customers with comprehensive customer service solutions designed to meet any need they might have while banking with Huntington.


Pros & Cons

Moving on from customer service, this section will discuss the pros and cons of Huntington Business Banking. First, here are a few benefits:

  1. Low fees for checking accounts and savings accounts
  2. Free online banking with access to bill pay services
  3. Variety of business loan options available
  4. Excellent customer service support team

On the downside, there are some downsides that customers should consider before signing up for an account:

  1. Limited ATM network coverage across the United States
  2. No interest rates offered on checking or savings accounts above basic levels
  3. High overdraft fees compared to other banks in the area
  4. Online banking is not as user-friendly as compared to similar competitors

Overall, Huntington Business Banking offers its clients plenty of advantages but also has several drawbacks that must be considered when making decisions about which bank to use for their financial needs.



Huntington Business Banking offers a wide range of products and services to small businesses. From checking and savings accounts, to loans and merchant services, the bank provides users with many options for their financial needs. With competitive fees and interest rates, as well as an easy-to-use online platform, Huntington Bank is an ideal choice for business owners seeking reliable banking solutions. Customers benefit from knowledgeable customer service representatives who are available 24/7. Additionally, customers may take advantage of several perks such as free access to ATMs across the United States and low overdraft fees.

Overall, Huntington Business Banking provides small businesses with a comprehensive suite of services that are accessible both in person and digitally. The bank’s user-friendly website allows customers to manage their finances easily while enjoying competitive prices on offered products and services. Moreover, helpful customer support staff provide assistance whenever needed. For these reasons, it can be concluded that Huntington Business Banking is an excellent option for those looking for efficient banking solutions tailored specifically for businesses.

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