How To Get Cheap Concert, Event & Musical Tickets

Attending concerts and events can be expensive, but there are ways to get the tickets at a discounted rate. This article will discuss how to get cheap concert, event and musical tickets in an effective manner. First, strategies on where to look for these discounts will be discussed. Second, tips on when is the best time to purchase tickets will be provided. Finally, suggestions on how to make sure that you receive valid tickets instead of counterfeit or invalid ones will also be presented. With this information as guidance, readers should have all they need to secure affordable ticket prices while ensuring their validity.


Comparison Shopping

Finding the best deals on concert, event, or musical tickets can be a challenge. A simple way to begin is by comparison shopping online. Websites such as SeatGeek and Vivid Seats are excellent resources for finding great prices on tickets for upcoming events. These sites display ticket prices from multiple sellers so that customers can easily compare pricing. They also frequently have promo codes available that can further reduce the cost of the tickets. Additionally, these websites allow users to filter their search results based on budget, location, seat type, or other criteria. This makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for at the lowest price possible.


Discount Codes And Promotions

After comparing ticket prices, those looking to save on concert, event and musical tickets should explore discount codes and promotions. Discounts can be found through a variety of sources such as loyalty programs, subscription newsletters or social media accounts of the venues hosting the events. Additionally, many popular artists have their own websites offering discounted tickets for members who sign up. It is important to read all fine print associated with promotional offers to ensure there are no hidden fees or restrictions that could affect one’s purchase.

In some cases, attending an event during off-peak hours may also yield discounts. This includes matinee performances which often offer lower priced seats than evening shows; students may receive additional discounts by presenting valid ID at certain venues too. By taking advantage of these various opportunities to acquire discounted tickets, a person can attend concerts and other events without breaking the bank.


Pre-Sales And Presales

Pre-sales and presales are an effective way to secure tickets for concerts, events and musicals at a discounted rate. Pre-sale refers to when tickets are made available exclusively to select groups before they become generally available. These may include fan clubs, loyalty programs or other exclusive memberships that require special access codes, passwords or membership numbers. Presale is the same concept but it applies more broadly in terms of who has access. Generally speaking, anyone can gain entry with the right code; however, these offers tend to be limited time only so it pays off to stay informed about upcoming releases.

Additionally, some venues offer their own pre-sales which provide early access points for those looking for discounts on ticket prices. By taking advantage of such opportunities, one can acquire cheaper tickets than what would otherwise be available when the general public obtains them. It is important to keep in mind though that presale tickets may not always guarantee good seating as many people take advantage of this option and could potentially leave fewer seats closer to the stage for later buyers.


Last-Minute Deals

Last-minute ticket deals can be a great way to save money on concert, event and musical tickets. While these discounts may not always include the best seats in the house or even entry into the venue, they provide an affordable option for those who are looking to attend an upcoming show without breaking their budget.

Here are some tips for finding last-minute deals:

  • Check online auction sites like eBay and StubHub – Many people resell their tickets at discounted prices when they’re unable to make it to the show.
  • Sign up for email notifications from venues – Venues often send out emails with flash sales that offer steep discounts.
  • Follow artists you love on social media – Artists will sometimes post special offers through their platforms that give fans access to discounted tickets.

In addition to these methods of obtaining last-minute deals, attending shows during non-peak hours is also a good way to get cheaper tickets. Attendees should consider going earlier in the day or on weekdays instead of weekends for discounted admission fees.


Secondary Ticket Marketplaces

While last-minute deals are an excellent way to secure tickets for major events at discounted rates, consumers can also access cheaper concert and event tickets through secondary ticket marketplaces. These platforms provide a range of options that allow users to buy or sell their tickets in exchange for money. Some popular services include StubHub, Ticketmaster Resale and Vivid Seats.

These marketplaces typically offer competitive prices due to the large selection of available seats from different sellers. Furthermore, many sites guarantee purchaser satisfaction with refunds or replacements if there is any issue with the purchased ticket. In addition, buyers may benefit from additional discounts when purchasing multiple tickets at once as well as added benefits such as loyalty programs or exclusive offers.


Other Ways To Save Money

When it comes to getting cheap concert, event, and musical tickets, there are a few other ways to save money. The first is to purchase tickets in advance. This can help you get great discounts on the cost of admission by using pre-sale codes or waiting for the official sale date. Additionally, if you’re attending an event with someone else, buying tickets through a package deal may be more economical than purchasing individual tickets. Furthermore, taking advantage of student discounts would enable students to buy discounted tickets as well. Finally, many venues also offer discounts for military personnel and senior citizens; these should not be overlooked when seeking out deals on tickets.



The purchase of tickets to concerts, events and musicals can be a costly endeavor. However, there are several strategies that one may use in order to secure cheaper ticket prices or promotional discounts. Comparison shopping allows individuals the opportunity to compare ticket prices across multiple sites in order to find the best price for their desired event.

Discount codes and promotions offer savings if found prior to making a purchase, while pre-sales and presale opportunities provide access to exclusive deals. Last-minute deals are often available on websites such as Groupon and LivingSocial, allowing people to take advantage of discounted rates at the spur of the moment. Additionally, secondary ticket marketplaces allow individuals to buy from other fans who have already purchased tickets and cannot attend an upcoming show. Other ways of saving money include attending matinée performances or finding student discounts when applicable.

All these methods present various options for purchasing concert, event and musical tickets at lower costs than standard retail prices. While each approach has its own pros and cons dependent upon individual needs, it is important to consider all potential avenues when looking for cheap tickets. By doing so it increases the likelihood that one will get the most value out of their entertainment purchases whilst still enjoying quality experiences with friends and family alike. Ultimately, discovering how to get cheap concert, event & musical tickets requires careful consideration combined with research into different sources which could lead to significant savings over time.

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