Cash Envelopes requires
a transfer of “cash” from a bank to envelopes

ProActive is the same, but digital

Here’s how it works


After you get paid…
pay your bills at your bank, just like you’re already doing.

The money that is left over is your “Discretionary Income”.
Deposit this money to ProActive by tapping the “+” icon in the app.
This will begin the funds transfer.


When ProActive receives your money, it will require you to Distribute it into your categories. Only money in categories can be spent.

And to make it easy, ProActive can save your distribution plans for use later.

Have variable income?
Use the Un-Distributed money as a reserve or create a separate “Reserve” category to even out your cash flow.


To spend, open the ProActive app and tap “Spend” on the category you wish to spend from. When it says “Ready to Spend” then go ahead and swipe your card.

Categories stay Active for 30 minutes or until a purchase comes through.

Shopping with ProActive is like Shopping with cash, so there a few nuances you should know about. Learn More

Watch the Demo Video