Hilton Honors American Express Business Card Review

The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card is a great option for individuals who want to maximize their travel rewards. With the card, users receive complimentary Gold Status in the Hilton Honors program, as well as generous points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. Additionally, there are no foreign transaction fees and customers have access to exclusive offers and discounts from Hilton hotels. This article will provide an overview of all the benefits associated with the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card and review its features in greater detail.

This review will explore each aspect of this credit card including the sign up bonus offer, earning potentials, redemption possibilities, additional perks, customer service options and more. Furthermore, it will compare different aspects of this card to similar products offered by competitors so readers can decide if this product is right for them. Finally, it will summarize key takeaways that enable informed decision making regarding whether or not to acquire the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card.

Overall, this review provides a comprehensive assessment of the advantages associated with obtaining the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card and how they apply to individual needs when looking to increase their travel rewards portfolio. It also offers unbiased insights into what makes this credit card unique compared to other similar products available on the market today.


Overview Of The Card

The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card is an excellent option for business owners and travelers looking to earn rewards on their purchases. The card offers a generous welcome bonus, valuable reward points, exclusive benefits, and access to the Hilton Honors program. This review will provide an overview of the card’s features and benefits so that you can decide if it fits your needs.

The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card comes with many perks. Upon approval, new members receive 75,000 bonus points after spending $5,000 in eligible purchases within three months of account opening. Members are also able to take advantage of up to 12x Bonus Points per dollar spent at participating hotels within the Hilton Portfolio; 6x Bonus Points per dollar spent on select business & travel purchases; 3X Bonus Points on all other eligible purchases; and complimentary Gold Status in the loyalty program which entitles them to additional discounts when booking rooms directly through Hilton properties. Furthermore, cardholders enjoy no foreign transaction fees as well as access to several travel-related protections such as baggage delay insurance, trip cancellation/interruption coverage, car rental loss and damage waiver insurance and more.

In summary, the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card provides value for those who frequently use hotel services while traveling or manage businesses needing frequent corporate bookings. With its generous welcome bonus offer and attractive ongoing rewards rate, this card will enable you to maximize your spending while enjoying some great benefits along the way.


Benefits And Rewards

The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card offers an array of benefits and rewards that are attractive to business owners. These include:

  • Earn 125,000 bonus points after spending $5,000 in eligible purchases within the first three months of card membership;
  • Access to American Express’s exclusive events such as invitation only concerts and special access to dining experiences;
  • Receive complimentary Gold status for your first year of card membership, which allows you to enjoy room upgrades at participating hotels, late checkout times and more;
  • Earn 12x points on hotel stays booked directly with a participating property within the Hilton Portfolio.

In addition, each purchase made with this card earns 6x or 3x points depending on where it is spent. Purchases made directly through aggregate spend categories like gas stations and restaurants earn 6X points while all other purchases earn 3X points. Redeeming these earned points can be used towards free nights at select properties worldwide. All reward programs come with their own unique set of terms and conditions so it’s important for consumers to review them before making any decisions about using the card. Ultimately, the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card provides excellent value for frequent travelers looking for generous rewards and plenty of perks from one convenient source.


Fees And Rates

The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card offers a competitive rewards program, with no annual fee. The card earns 6x points on select business and travel purchases, including flights booked directly with airlines or through amextravel.com, car rentals from select companies, gas stations, and wireless telephone services purchased directly from U.S. service providers. Points can be earned for other eligible purchases at the rate of 3x points per dollar spent. Additionally, new members are rewarded with 75,000 bonus points after spending $5,000 in qualifying purchases within the first three months of opening an account. Rewards accumulated on this card never expire as long as the account is active and in good standing.

In terms of fees and rates associated with this card, there is a 16.74%-25.74% Variable APR applied to all Balance Transfers and Cash Advances conducted using this card; however, those transactions may also incur additional fees depending on the type of transaction being processed. New accounts will be charged a one-time fee of up to $95 that is imposed by some states upon approval of application. Late payment fees vary based on balance amount but do not exceed $40; returned payments cost up to $35; foreign transaction fees are 2% of each transaction’s amount; cash advances have an upfront charge equal to 5%.


Eligibility Requirements

The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card is available for business owners and sole proprietors who are at least 18 years of age. Applicants must have a valid Social Security Number or ITIN, as well as a U.S. address in the 50 United States, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands or Northern Mariana Islands. The minimum credit score required to qualify for the card is not disclosed by Hilton Honors American Express Business Card but applicants with excellent credit may be more likely to receive approval.

In order to apply for the card an individual has to provide information about their business including type of organization and annual revenue along with personal details such as name, contact information and taxpayer identification number (TIN). Additionally applicants must agree to accept all policy guidelines set out by American Express before they can be approved for the card.


Customer Support

Moving on from the eligibility requirements for the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card, this section will discuss customer support. This card has a 24/7 toll-free number for members to call and receive assistance with their account or ask any questions they may have about using their card. Additionally, customers can access online chat services available through the website that allow them to speak with a representative without having to make an actual phone call.

The website also provides FAQs related to topics such as activation of cards, lost or stolen cards, benefits and rewards programs as well as other inquiries regarding billing and payments. In addition, there are helpful tutorials which demonstrate how customers can best use all of the features associated with their accounts. Customers can also sign up for text alerts so they always stay informed of their account activity or changes in terms and conditions relating to the business card agreement.


Pros And Cons

The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card offers many benefits to cardholders. These advantages are outlined in the following table.

Pros Cons
No annual fee for first year of membership
Earn 5x points on purchases at restaurants, gas stations and flights booked directly with airlines
Receive complimentary priority pass select airport lounge access
Automatic upgrade to gold status upon enrollment and renewal each year
7th night free when booking a stay of 6 nights or more using points
Annual fee after first year of $95
Limited travel insurance coverage offered
High foreign transaction fees (2.7%)
Points expire if there is no activity within 12 months >


Overall, the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card provides an excellent value proposition to users looking to maximize their rewards and loyalty programs. Benefits such as bonus point allowances while spending on certain categories provide great opportunities for accumulating rewards quickly. Additionally, the automatic upgrade to Gold Status every year is a nice added perk that can help members save money when staying at participating hotels. On the other hand, high foreign transaction fees and limited travel insurance coverage may be deterrents for some customers who seek those features from a credit card provider. Ultimately, it comes down to weighing the pros and cons of this particular offer before deciding whether it’s right for one’s needs.



The Hilton Honors American Express Business Card offers a variety of benefits and rewards for business owners. With no annual fee, cardholders can take advantage of welcome bonuses, points-earning opportunities, travel discounts, access to exclusive events and more. Additionally, rates are competitive with other cards on the market, while customer support is both reliable and responsive.

Overall, the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card provides great value for business owners looking to maximize their spending power. Benefits such as double points on select purchases at participating hotels make it an attractive option for frequent travelers. Furthermore, qualifying members have access to special services like complimentary upgrades or late checkouts that are not available with other credit cards.

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