Gohenry Vs. Greenlight – Who Has The Better Prepaid Debit Card For Kids?

Prepaid debit cards for kids are becoming increasingly popular with parents looking to provide their children with increased financial autonomy. However, there is still a lack of information about the two main options on the market – GoHenry and Greenlight – which can make it difficult for parents to choose between them. This article will compare both services in detail, including features such as pricing plans, spending limits and parental control tools, so that readers can decide which one provides the best solution for their family’s needs. It will also explore the pros and cons of each card from a child’s perspective.

In order to understand how these prepaid debit cards work, it is important to first consider what they are designed to do. Essentially, they allow parents to give children access to limited funds while providing additional controls over where and when money can be spent. At the same time, they also offer an opportunity for young people to learn valuable lessons about managing finances responsibly without having full access to adult-level banking accounts or credit cards.

GoHenry and Greenlight are two of the most widely used prepaid debit cards among families today; however, choosing between them can be tricky due to differences in features and fees. This article aims to inform readers about all aspects of both offerings so that they can make an informed decision based on their own requirements.


Overview Of Prepaid Debit Card Options For Kids

Prepaid debit cards are becoming an increasingly popular payment option for children, allowing them to track and manage their own spending without carrying cash. Gohenry and Greenlight are two of the most well-known prepaid debit card options available specifically tailored towards kids. Both companies offer a range of features designed to help parents teach responsible money management skills while giving kids financial freedom.

Gohenry provides its users with a prepaid debit Mastercard that is linked to an app where parents can set allowances, view transactions, place limits on spending and more. The gohenry card also includes access to exclusive discounts at major retailers as well as contactless payments in stores accepting Apple Pay or Google Pay. Greenlight offers similar capabilities such as setting up weekly allowance, joint accounts for parent/child collaboration, budgeting tools, rewards system and more but does not include any exclusive discounts or contactless payment methods. It should be noted however that Greenlight’s fees are lower than those associated with gohenry making it potentially better value depending on usage patterns.


Features And Benefits Of Gohenry Cards

In terms of features and benefits, GoHenry offers a range of prepaid debit cards that are specifically designed for teenagers. The key advantages of these cards include:

  • A free app which allows parents to manage their children’s finances easily from anywhere in the world.
  • Zero fees on purchases made within the UK.
  • An allowance feature that enables parents to set spending limits or budgets for each child separately.
  • Ability to monitor transactions in real time via text message alerts.
  • An online education centre which provides resources such as advice on money management and budgeting skills.

GoHenry also helps parents encourage positive financial habits by allowing them to transfer money into savings accounts, track those transfers with an easy-to-use interface, and provide rewards when goals are met. This makes it easier for teens to save up for things they want without having access to large sums of cash. In addition, GoHenry ensures data security and privacy through its encryption methods and strict policies regarding customer information sharing.


Features And Benefits Of Greenlight Cards

Greenlight cards offer a variety of features and benefits to parents and their children. The greenlight card is accepted at all major retailers, including grocery stores, drugstores, gas stations, restaurants, online merchants, etc. Parents can also add additional funds to the Greenlight card when needed.

The Greenlight app allows for parental control over where the money on the debit card goes as well as how much can be spent in each category or store. This feature gives parents peace of mind that their child’s spending is being monitored and kept within budget limits. Additionally, parents can set up recurring payments with the Greenlight app allowing them to make sure bills are paid on time without having to worry about manually making payments each month.

Finally, one of the best features of the Greenlight Card is its low fee structure. For just $4.99 per month plus other fees associated with specific transactions (ATM withdrawals), parents have access to an extensive suite of financial tools designed specifically for kids and teens which helps teach financial responsibility while managing their finances securely and conveniently.


Pros And Cons Comparison

gohenry and Greenlight are both prepaid debit cards specifically designed for children. Both offer similar features, such as setting parental controls on spending, offering kids rewards for good financial decisions, and providing a secure way to manage money online. While there are several similarities between the two products, there are also some key differences in terms of pros and cons that parents should consider when choosing which card is best for their child.

When comparing gohenry and Greenlight’s pros and cons, it’s important to note that gohenry offers more extensive parental control options than Greenlight does. With gohenry, parents can customize spending limits by store or category and set up automatic transfers from parent accounts into their kid’s accounts. Additionally, gohenry provides an age-appropriate app with educational quizzes about budgeting and saving money that helps reinforce positive financial habits among kids. On the other hand, while Greenlight has pre-set spending limits based on specific ages, it does not allow for granular customization like gohenry does. Furthermore, its app doesn’t have any educational component like gohenry’s does.

In summary, each product has different strengths and weaknesses depending on what parents want to prioritize when selecting a prepaid debit card for their child. Parents looking for an easy way to help teach good savings habits may prefer gohenry due to its educational resources; however those who prioritize robust parental controls may be better served by using Greenlight instead.


Cost Considerations

When it comes to cost considerations, both gohenry and Greenlight offer competitive prepaid debit cards for kids. The primary difference between the two is in the fees associated with their services. For example, gohenry offers a flat fee of $3.99 per month regardless of how many cards are issued or used by family members; whereas, Greenlight charges an initial setup fee of $4.99 plus an additional monthly charge of $4.99 for each card added after the first one. Additionally, gohenry does not require any minimum balance to be maintained on its accounts while Greenlight requires at least a $10 balance for all active cards in order to avoid paying a low-balance fee of $2/monthly cycle.

In terms of other costs related to usage, gohenry allows free ATM withdrawals from more than 55 thousand ATMs nationwide and unlimited free purchases among which there are no limits on purchase amounts or merchant type; however, Greenlight imposes a transaction fee of up to 25 cents (or 2%) when using ATMs outside the network as well as a maximum limit of $250 per day per child account when making online transactions or purchasing items through digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Final Recommendation

When it comes to choosing between GoHenry and Greenlight for the best prepaid debit card for kids, there are several factors that should be taken into account. This section will provide a comparison of the two cards in order to make an informed decision about which is better suited for your needs.

GoHenry Greenlight 
Cost  $3.99/month
($0 per additional child)
(+ $1 per additional child)
Features  Virtual Card + Spending Limits & Parental Control
Allowance Tracking & Activity Reporting
Automatic Savings Plan & Goal Setting
Personalized Debit Card
ATM Withdrawals (Domestic only)
Custodial Accounts & Goals For Kids
Customizable Spending Controls & Real-time Notifications
Spendings Insights To Help Parents Teach Financial Responsibility
Automated Savings Tools Included In Every Account
Physical Debit Cards with Mobile App Access
International ATM withdrawals available with annual membership fee

Both GoHenry and Greenlight offer a variety of features and functions tailored towards helping parents manage their children’s finances. However, when looking at cost alone, GoHenry offers greater value as it does not charge any fees for additional children on the same plan while Greenlight charges an extra dollar a month for each additional child added onto the plan. Additionally, GoHenry provides domestic ATM withdrawal capabilities while international ATM withdrawals require an annual membership fee with Greenlight.

This analysis has evaluated both options based on features and cost, making it clear that GoHenry is the better option overall if you want a prepaid debit card for kids providing great value for money along with all necessary parental control abilities.



Prepaid debit cards for children offer parents an opportunity to teach their kids financial responsibility while still providing some supervision and guidance. GoHenry and Greenlight are two of the most popular prepaid debit card options available today, each offering unique features and benefits that appeal to different families’ needs. Both have advantages such as spending limits and parental controls, however they differ in terms of cost structure and additional services offered.

When it comes to deciding which option is best for a family, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The choice depends on the specific needs of the child or teen and how much monitoring their parent(s) wish to do. Those looking for more sophisticated budgeting tools may prefer GoHenry, whereas those seeking basic money management with low fees might find Greenlight better suited to them.

Ultimately, both GoHenry and Greenlight provide safe yet secure payment solutions for children that can help foster good financial habits from an early age. Parents should carefully consider all factors before making a decision about which provider will be best for their family’s situation. With the right prepaid debit card solution in place, kids can learn valuable lessons about managing money responsibly while enjoying the freedom associated with a cashless lifestyle.

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