GoHenry Review: App-Based Debit Card for Parental Controls

In today’s digital age, it’s important for parents to teach their children about financial responsibility and money management. One tool that has gained popularity in recent years is GoHenry, an app-based debit card with parental controls. This innovative solution allows parents to help their children develop good financial habits while closely supervising their spending.

GoHenry is designed for children aged 6 to 18 and comes equipped with unique features such as allowance payments, chore lists, and customizable parental controls. With real-time notifications through the companion app, parents can track their children’s spending and limit their transactions based on various criteria, ensuring that youngsters learn to make smart financial decisions early on in life. Used by many families, GoHenry is considered one of the better financial apps and debit cards for kids.

What is GoHenry?

GoHenry is an app-based debit card designed for children aged 6 to 18, providing a platform for them to learn essential money management skills while giving parents full control and oversight. The service includes a debit card for the child and a companion app for both child and parent, which can be used to monitor spending, create custom limits, and perform other financial tasks.

The core concept behind GoHenry is to help young people develop financial literacy and responsible spending habits as they grow up. The card and app come with built-in features, such as the ability to set allowances, create and complete tasks for earning money, and manage savings goals. Additionally, real-time notifications keep parents informed of their child’s transactions and ability to block or unblock the card at any time, ensuring a safe and controlled environment for gaining financial confidence.

With its variety of educational tools and customizable parental controls, GoHenry strives to evolve with the child, adapting to their needs and maturity as they progress. Furthermore, parents can take advantage of the app’s game-like features to make the learning process fun and engaging for their children.

Features and Benefits

GoHenry is a popular app-based debit card designed to provide parental controls and financial literacy tools for kids. The card and app combination is a powerful resource for parents aiming to teach their children valuable money management skills.

Users benefit from several key features, including:

  • Scheduled allowance transfers – Parents can automate the process of giving their kids an allowance by setting up regular transfers to the child’s account.
  • Paid chores – Parents can assign specific chores to their children and designate a monetary value for each task, which gets added to the child’s account balance once completed.
  • Easy money transfers from relatives – Family members can quickly send money to kids through the app, making it simple for grandparents and others to contribute to the child’s savings and spending funds.
  • Parental controls – The app allows parents to set spending limits, monitor transactions, and receive notifications on their child’s account activities.

In addition to these features, GoHenry also emphasizes financial education by providing a platform for kids to track their spending, savings, and budgets. This hands-on approach can help develop good financial habits and understanding from an early age.

Furthermore, the GoHenry app and debit card are user-friendly and customizable, with options for parents to personalize the card’s design, making it more engaging for children.

Parental Controls

GoHenry’s primary purpose is to help parents teach their children about money management, and it achieves this through its intuitive parental controls. These controls allow parents to oversee and manage their children’s spending habits while providing them with a sense of independence.

GoHenry offers the following parental control features:

  • Setting spending limits on the debit card to ensure that children do not overspend. Parents can set a weekly spending limit, which can be adjusted at any time.
  • Blocking and unblocking the debit card, allowing parents to have control over the card’s usage. This can be an essential measure for parents in case the card is lost or stolen.
  • Parents receive real-time notifications on their mobile app every time their child uses the debit card. This helps keep track of transactions and ensures that children are using the card responsibly.
  • Allowing parents to set chores and tasks within the app so that children can earn their allowance. This feature instills a sense of responsibility and promotes the value of hard work in earning money.

These parental control features, combined with financial learning resources available on the GoHenry platform, make it an effective tool for teaching children essential money management skills that will benefit them in real life.

Pricing and Plans

GoHenry offers a simple pricing structure for their app-based debit card and parental control platform. The service costs $4.99 per month, which includes a debit card for the children and access to the app, containing smart tools for parents to monitor and manage their child’s spending.

For the $4.99 monthly fee, parents receive the benefit of full oversight of their child’s financial activities, while children aged 6 to 18 can enjoy a personalized debit card and educational resources to help develop their financial skills.

Key features offered by GoHenry include:

  • Flexible parental controls
  • Automated allowance payments
  • Chore and task management
  • Instant spending notifications
  • In-app savings goals
  • Game-like educational tools

GoHenry aims to provide children with financial independence while ensuring parents maintain control and visibility.

Pros and Cons

As with any product, there are several pros and cons associated with GoHenry’s app-based debit card with parental controls.


  • Unique features: GoHenry offers features like allowance payments, chores lists, and parental controls to manage children’s spending.
  • Ideal for organization: The app is helpful for parents who want a better way to organize and pay for their kids’ expenses.
  • Co-parent collaboration: GoHenry allows co-parents to manage the same account and set up regular or one-time payments.
  • Financial literacy: The app focuses on financial literacy through expert-developed games and quizzes, encouraging responsible money management.


  • Fees: There is a monthly fee for each child’s account, which may not be ideal for some families with tight budgets.
  • ATM withdrawal limitations: GoHenry does not allow international ATM withdrawals, which may be inconvenient for users who travel frequently.
  • Usage restrictions: GoHenry is not accepted at all merchants and may have certain usage restrictions based on the merchant or transaction type.

It’s important for parents to weigh these pros and cons when deciding if GoHenry is the right app-based debit card with parental controls for their family.

Safety and Security

GoHenry is designed with safety and security in mind, ensuring a smooth and protected experience for both parents and children. The app features robust parental controls, which allow parents to oversee their child’s spending habits and set spending limits on the debit card.

Moreover, GoHenry’s debit cards are issued by reputable banks and the app partners with major payment processors, providing a secure infrastructure for transactions. The card can be quickly locked or unlocked via the app, allowing parents to take immediate action in case of a lost or stolen card.

GoHenry also adheres to strict data protection guidelines, ensuring that user information is safeguarded. The app utilizes advanced encryption techniques to protect sensitive data during storage and transmission. Furthermore, GoHenry is compliant with pertinent regulations for financial services, ensuring a safe and reliable platform for its users.

For added peace of mind, the GoHenry app offers real-time notifications on transactions, allowing parents to closely monitor their child’s spending activity. This level of transparency provides an additional layer of security, ensuring responsible usage of the debit card by the child.


In summary, the GoHenry App-Based Debit Card with Parental Controls provides a practical solution for teaching kids about financial management. The combination of a kid-friendly debit card and an app with parental controls facilitates a guided learning experience for children aged six to 18.

Key features, such as setting chores, managing allowances, and providing real-time oversight, empower parents to closely monitor and control their children’s spending habits. Additionally, the game-like educational tools mentioned in this CreditDonkey review make learning about personal finance more engaging for young users.

However, it is important for parents to consider the monthly cost associated with GoHenry, as noted by the CNET review, which is currently $4.99 per month. When deciding whether GoHenry is the right choice for their family, parents should weigh the potential benefits against the ongoing fee.

Overall, GoHenry offers a valuable service for parents seeking to instill healthy financial habits in their children. By investing in this app and debit card combo, families can help promote financial literacy and responsible spending behavior from a young age.

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