Flexjobs Review – Features & Pricing For Remote Job Seekers

The current job market is ever-evolving, and the need for flexible working options continues to grow. FlexJobs was created as a platform to help those seeking remote work find their ideal position. This article will explore FlexJobs in detail, including its features and pricing structure. It is intended to equip readers with the necessary information required for making an informed decision about whether or not to register with this service.

FlexJobs has been described by many as one of the most comprehensive resources available when it comes to finding remote positions. The website works by providing access to thousands of hand-screened jobs that are updated daily from companies all over the world. Alongside traditional telecommuting roles, users can also search through part-time and freelance opportunities too. Furthermore, subscribers have access to additional benefits such as resume writing services and career advice webinars which offer practical guidance on how best to manage your search strategy.

In terms of cost, there are three different plans offered by FlexJobs – monthly subscription ($14.95), quarterly subscription ($29.95) and annual subscription ($49). Each plan offers increasing levels of functionality; however, regardless of payment option chosen, users benefit from having unlimited searches and applications during their membership period alongside being able to apply directly from within the FlexJobs system. Subscribers also enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee should they be unsatisfied within the first month of their usage period.


Overview Of Flexjobs

FlexJobs is an online job board focused on providing remote work opportunities for individuals and businesses. The platform offers a wide range of resources designed to assist those seeking flexible employment options, such as telecommuting roles, freelance jobs, part-time positions, project-based contracts, and other non-traditional arrangements that may be beneficial in achieving a better work/life balance. Founded in 2007 by CEO Sara Sutton Fell, FlexJobs has since become one of the most comprehensive sources of legitimate remote job postings available today.

It currently boasts over 50 million registered users worldwide who are able to access its expansive database of more than 30,000 career categories. With an emphasis on quality control measures and verified employers, FlexJobs ensures a safe and secure environment for job seekers looking to explore their potentials with reputable companies.


Types Of Jobs Available

FlexJobs is a unique job-seeking platform as it specializes in remote and flexible positions. Remote jobs can be found across many different industries including accounting, customer service, education, IT, marketing, sales and software development. Flexible positions include part-time, freelance or contract opportunities with full-time hours or reduced hours depending on the employer’s needs. Job seekers who are searching for more than one type of work arrangement can use the “Advanced Job Search” filter to find multiple types listed together.

In addition to search filters such as keyword searches, location searches and company name searches, there are also specific categories that showcase particular types of jobs available at any given time. These include green jobs (which promote sustainable living), nonprofit/philanthropy jobs (for those looking to make positive impacts on society) and telecommuting (jobs where employees have the option to work from home). Each of these categories provides guidance about what types of roles are currently being sought within them so users can better tailor their applications accordingly.


Benefits For Employers And Job Seekers

FlexJobs offers employers a comprehensive suite of tools to aid in the recruitment and management of remote workers. Employers have access to an extensive database of qualified job seekers, enabling them to post their jobs quickly and easily. They can also take advantage of FlexJobs’ employer-specific search capabilities to identify candidates that meet their exact requirements. Additionally, employers benefit from automated notifications when new resumes match their criteria, allowing them to respond faster than ever before.

Job seekers using FlexJobs are able to make use of various features tailored specifically for those looking for remote work opportunities. The site provides detailed information on thousands of companies offering telecommuting positions, as well as career advice articles written by industry experts. Job seekers can also set up personalized alerts so they are notified whenever relevant openings arise. Furthermore, FlexJobs includes resume assistance services to help applicants create a professional profile that stands out amongst the competition.


Subscription Plans And Cost

FlexJobs provides various subscription plans and cost options to meet job seekers’ needs. Job seekers can choose either a one-month, three-month or yearly plan. The monthly plan offers the most flexibility in terms of duration but also has the highest price point at $14.95 per month. The three-month plan is slightly cheaper than the monthly option as it costs only $29.85 for three months of access ($9.95 per month). Finally, the annual plan offers an even lower rate with 12 months of access costing just $49.95, which works out to be only $4.17 per month – by far the cheapest of all the subscription options available on FlexJobs.

In addition to these basic plans, FlexJobs also offer discounts to students and military personnel who want to use their services to find remote jobs. Students are eligible for a 50% discount off any subscription when they provide valid proof that they are currently enrolled in school and military members get a 25% discount off any subscription when they provide valid proof that they have served previously or are still serving in active duty service branches such as Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.


User Experience

FlexJobs offers a user-friendly experience for job seekers. The website has an intuitive interface and straightforward navigation, making it easy to find the information you need quickly. Additionally, users can filter their searches by keyword or category such as remote jobs, freelance work, part-time positions and more. This makes finding the right job hassle free.
The service also provides helpful resources like resume tips and advice on how to write a successful cover letter that will make your application stand out from the competition. FlexJobs also helps employers who are looking to hire qualified candidates through its recruiting services and job postings which are available in various formats. In addition, members have access to exclusive discounts on career-related products and services including online courses, webinars and conferences.


Pros & Cons

Flexjobs is a platform that caters to remote job seekers, providing a range of services for finding and applying for jobs. The following provides an overview of the pros and cons associated with Flexjobs:


  • Extensive database of remote job postings from trusted sources
  • Referral bonus program for referring friends or family
  • Ability to save job searches and get tailored job alerts based on criteria
  • Personalized career coaching available through their concierge service


  • Paid subscription fee required in order to access full search functions and apply for jobs
  • Not all sectors are covered by the job listings
  • Limited customer support options; email only is provided as contact method
  • Advertising fees may be higher than other similar platforms.

Overall, Flexjobs offers an extensive suite of features designed to help remote job seekers find employment opportunities. It has both benefits and drawbacks depending on individual needs and preferences.



FlexJobs is an online platform designed to help employers and job seekers find suitable remote positions. The site offers a variety of roles, including full-time, part-time, freelance, temporary, contract, and internships. Employers benefit from access to resumes and the ability to post jobs quickly and easily. Job seekers gain access to exclusive listings for remote opportunities that would otherwise be hard to find. Subscription plans provide users with different levels of service at varying cost points. User experience on FlexJobs has been generally positive; however some have expressed difficulty in finding relevant job postings or had trouble cancelling their subscription.

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