Deserve Edu Student Credit Card Review

The Deserve EDU Student Credit Card has been gaining attention in the financial services industry. This card is designed to provide college students with an easy and secure way to establish credit history while providing benefits that are tailored for their needs. The purpose of this review is to evaluate the features, fees, and rewards associated with the Deserve EDU Student Credit Card.

This review will begin by analyzing the key features of the Deserve EDU Student Credit Card, including its annual fee structure, foreign transaction rate, and cash advance rate. Additionally, it will discuss the earned rewards offered such as 1% cash back on all purchases and 3% cash back on travel and entertainment spending. Finally, this review will assess other important factors such as customer service quality and security measures taken by Deserve to ensure safe transactions.

Overall, this article aims to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of what makes the Deserve EDU Student Credit Card unique from other cards available on the market today. By outlining both strengths and weaknesses associated with this product, readers can make informed decisions about whether the card meets their individual needs or not.



Student credit cards can provide an important financial tool to help college students manage their expenses. The features of student credit cards are designed to assist with budgeting and creating a good credit history. This review will examine the benefits, drawbacks, and other considerations related to using this type of card for college students.

It is important for potential users to compare available options before making any decisions about which card is right for them. An evaluation of interest rates, fees, rewards programs, customer service and security should be included in the analysis process. Credit limits and payment options should also be taken into account when selecting a student credit card. Additionally, research should include online reviews from customers who have already used these services so that informed decisions can be made about what type of card best suits individual needs.


Benefits And Rewards

Students who obtain an education-specific credit card can expect various rewards and benefits. Most cards offer cashback or points on purchases made with the card that can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, airline tickets, and more. Many of these reward programs come with no annual fees and may even include additional perks such as signup bonuses or discounts at certain stores. Furthermore, many student credit cards provide educational benefits including financial literacy resources to help students understand how to use their card responsibly.

The availability of incentives and special offers varies by issuer so it is important to compare different cards before making a decision. It is also essential to consider other factors such as interest rates, minimum payments, balance transfer fees, acceptance rate, etc., in order to make sure the chosen card meets individual needs.


Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for a Deserve Edu Student Credit Card, students must meet certain eligibility requirements. The primary requirement is that the applicant must be enrolled in an accredited college or university and must have at least one year of academic study remaining before they can graduate. Applicants should note that non-degree seeking students may not qualify for this card. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate proof of identity by providing their name, date of birth, Social Security Number (SSN), and address.

The student applying for the credit card should also provide information about their current enrollment status, such as the school they are attending, the degree program they are pursuing, expected graduation date, and total number of years completed so far. Furthermore, applicants need to submit other documents as required by law including US citizenship or residency documentation and a valid government issued photo ID. Once approved for the Deserve Edu Student Credit Card account, customers will receive a welcome package containing additional details regarding fees and services associated with the card.


Fees And Interest Rates

When considering a student credit card, understanding the fees and interest rates is essential. Fees may include annual charges, balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, late payment charges, or foreign transaction costs. The amount of each fee will depend on the issuer’s policies. It is important to compare different issuers to determine which offers the best terms for you:

  1. Annual Fee – Some cards offer no annual fee while others could have an up-front cost between $20 and $90 per year;
  2. Balance Transfer Fee – A standard rate is usually around 5% with higher balances having lower percentages;
  3. Cash Advance Fees – Most banks charge 3%-5%, while some may offer additional perks such as free ATM withdrawals;
  4. Interest Rates – This can vary significantly depending on your credit score and other factors. Generally speaking, students with good grades are eligible for low introductory rates that remain fixed for six months or more. Understanding how much money you owe in total over time will help you decide if it’s worth getting a student credit card.

It is also beneficial to research any rewards programs offered by the issuer before signing up for their card. Rewards could range from discounts on travel services to exclusive access to events or cashback when making purchases at certain retailers. Knowing what type of rewards are available can be invaluable in helping you select the right card for your needs. Additionally, look into customer support options such as online banking tools or 24/7 phone assistance provided by the issuing bank so that you know who to contact should any issues arise with your account. By taking these steps prior to selecting a student credit card, you can make an informed decision that meets all of your financial requirements and goals.


Pros & Cons

The Deserve Edu Student Credit Card has both advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before applying for the card. A useful tool to evaluate these pros and cons is a table, which can be seen below.


Pros  Cons 
1 Year Free Amazon Prime  High Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
No Late Fees  Limited Rewards Availability 
 Cash Back Rewards  Low Credit Limit
 Easy Online Application Process  Few Redemption Options


The Deserve Edu Student Credit Card provides an array of benefits including no late fees, cash back rewards, and one year free access to Amazon Prime. Additionally, its online application process is straightforward and easy. However, it also carries some drawbacks such as high APR rates, limited reward availability, low credit limits and few redemption options. Thus, potential applicants should weigh all the advantages carefully when making their decision about whether or not to apply for this credit card.



There exist a variety of different credit card options for students. Prepaid cards can provide an alternative to student credit cards, and offer the advantage of not having any interest charges associated with them. Additionally, prepaid cards typically do not require users to have either a checking or savings account in order to obtain one. Bank-issued debit cards are another potential option that allows individuals to access their funds without incurring debt; however, they may impose certain fees if used out of network ATMs, international transactions, etc.

In addition to traditional financial products such as credit cards and bank accounts, there is also the possibility of utilizing digital wallet services which allow customers to store payment information electronically for use online or at retail locations. These services often come equipped with extra features such as budgeting tools and online transaction history tracking capabilities, making it easier for students to manage their finances more efficiently.



A college student credit card can be a great resource to help finance educational costs. With the right credit card, students can benefit from rewards and cash back offers while building their credit history. It is important for any prospective user to understand eligibility requirements, fees and interest rates associated with various cards before making a decision.

The benefits of having a student credit card are numerous. Rewards programs may include discounts on everyday purchases or travel expenses, as well as bonus points that can be redeemed for gift cards or other merchandise. Cash back bonuses provide an additional way to save money on purchases made using the card. Additionally, by responsibly managing debt and making regular payments, students can establish good borrowing habits and build their credit score over time.

There are also potential drawbacks when it comes to student credit cards. Fees such as annual charges or late payment penalties should be taken into account prior to obtaining one of these products. Interest rates tend to be higher than those offered with other types of cards due to the lack of established credit history in most cases. Furthermore, if mismanaged, too much debt could lead to financial problems down the road.

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