Don’t get “Declined”

ryclark Using ProActive

Is your money in your category but your card is still getting declined? Read this:

ProActive works by basically bouncing money between two accounts. One has a debit card attached and the other does not (the Holding account). ProActive keeps all the money in the holding account. When you Tap to select a category, we “Activate” that category’s balance to the Card via a transfer from the holding account to the card account. Now you can spend the balance of that category. If this transfer fails then the card get’s declined.

If you’re using the iOS app you can verify that the money moved to the card by viewing the Black Card Screen, as seen below.

  1. Tap to activate a category. “Ready to Spend” should appear.
  2. Go to the Black Card Screen. You’ll see the category you selected listed under “Ready to Spend”. The “Ready to Spend” value is the actual amount on the card. Swiping down can refresh the data if it does not do it quickly enough by itself. If the “Ready to Spend” value shows $0.00, then the card will get declined and there is probably an error.  Reach out to us in the support chat and we’ll fix it quick.

We did it this way because in the near future we’ll be able to support multiple category activations for situations like Walmart where you’re purchasing from several categories at once. In this situation, multiple categories get activated and will appear under the Ready to Spend line. The sum of all the active categories will be the value for Ready to Spend.

IMPORTANT: Avoid getting “Declined” because of “Pre-Auths” when spending at Restaurants, Gas Stations, Hotels and Car rentals.  Click here

If money is Ready to Spend and your card still get’s declined then it’s usually because of the Pre-Auth issues above or your card could also be suspended.  Call the support number on the back of your card for help. You can also message us anytime in the support chat in the app.