David And Tom Gardner – Top 10 Stocks Picks By The Motley Fool Brothers

David and Tom Gardner, the brothers behind The Motley Fool investment advisory service, have long been considered experts in the stock market. Over their 20 years of providing advice to investors, they have made a name for themselves as “America’s #1 Investor Resource” according to Forbes magazine. Now, they are sharing with us their top 10 stocks picks that could help you achieve your desired financial success.

The Gardners’ approach is rooted in common sense investing principles which focus on finding undervalued companies with strong potential growth. Their methodology has proven successful over time as evidenced by their track record of outperforming the S&P 500 index year after year since 1994. This article will discuss their current recommendations and how each pick provides an opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios or capitalize on future market trends.

Their top ten stock selections represent a diverse array of industries from technology and healthcare to retail and finance. Each pick is carefully chosen based on extensive research into fundamental economic indicators such as earnings per share (EPS) ratios, debt-to-equity ratios and price/earnings ratios among others. Taking advantage of these picks now could mean big rewards down the line when markets rebound post pandemic recession. Read on for more details about David and Tom Gardner’s top ten stock picks!


Who Are The Gardner Brothers?

The Gardner Brothers, David and Tom, are co-founders of the renowned financial services company, The Motley Fool. Founded in 1993, The Motley Fool is a multi-media investment advice company that provides stock picks to millions of investors globally. David and Tom have been providing reliable stock market advice for over 25 years. Both brothers share extensive knowledge about investing and an optimistic view towards finance markets.

David graduated from Harvard University with a degree in engineering sciences while Tom studied psychology at Brown University. After college both decided to pursue careers as entrepreneurs rather than take traditional jobs. In addition to their work with The Motley Fool, they host several podcasts including Rule Breaker Investing and MarketFoolery where they discuss current events related to stocks and investments. They also write numerous books on investing strategies such as “You Have More Than You Think” which was published in 1997.


Investing Philosophy Of The Gardner Brothers

The Gardner brothers, David and Tom, have developed an investing philosophy that emphasizes long-term investments. It also relies on a consistent approach to evaluating companies over short-term market fluctuations. As co-founders of The Motley Fool investment company, they believe in using fundamental analysis to identify undervalued stocks with strong potential for growth. They typically look for businesses with low debt levels, increasing profitability, and sustainable competitive advantages.

In addition, the Gardners emphasize risk mitigation by diversifying portfolios across different industries and stocks instead of putting too much money into one stock or sector. Furthermore, they are proponents of dollar cost averaging where investors purchase small amounts of stock consistently rather than buying all at once when prices may be high. This strategy helps spread out risk as well as allows investors to take advantage of lower costs per share from fluctuations in price over time.


The Motley Fool’s Track Record

The Motley Fool Brothers, David and Tom Gardner, have been providing stock picks for investors through their advice column for over a quarter century. Their track record has proven to be impressive, with many stocks picked by the brothers yielding extraordinary returns in terms of value growth and dividends when compared to the S&P 500 index. According to one analysis from 2020, around 50% of all stocks chosen by them outperformed the market during that period. This was achieved while maintaining a low-risk approach which favored investing in high quality companies and avoiding speculative investments. Furthermore, research indicates that an investor following the Gardners’ stock recommendations would have seen a return of approximately 11% per annum since 1995; significantly higher than the average 8% annual return of the S&P500 index during this same time frame. It is clear then that The Motley Fool’s track record suggests they are well equipped to provide solid stock recommendation services to investors who choose to follow their guidance.


Top 10 Stocks Picks Of 2021

The Motley Fool Brothers, David and Tom Gardner, have been providing stock picks to the public since 1993. As two of the most experienced investors in the industry they are highly respected for their market insights and predictions. This year’s ten stocks selected by David and Tom are expected to bring substantial returns on investments over time. The following is a list of their top 10 stock picks for 2021:

  1. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)
  2. Tesla Inc (TSLA)
  3. Apple Inc (AAPL)
  4. Amazon.com Inc (AMZN)
  5. NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)
  6. Alphabet Inc Class A (GOOGL)
  7. Zoom Video Communications Inc (ZM)
  8. PayPal Holdings Inc (PYPL)
  9. Home Depot Inc (HD)
  10. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc (REGN).

Each company has its own unique strengths that make it an attractive investment option according to the brothers’ analysis of current market trends, future prospects, and potential risks associated with each security selection. Their strategies focus on diversification across multiple sectors including technology, healthcare, finance, retail, energy, entertainment and more to ensure maximum return on investment while reducing risk exposure from any one sector or company having too large an impact on portfolio performance overall .


Strategies For Investing Wisely

Investing wisely is an important step to consider when making financial decisions, and the Motley Fool brothers’ top 10 stock picks can be a great starting point. There are several strategies that may help investors make informed decisions about how to invest their money for maximum returns.

Strategy Description
|Long-term Investing An approach that focuses on slow growth
over time with fewer trades rather than short-term profits over quick trades
Diversification Spreading investments across different sectors or asset classes to reduce risk exposure in any one investment type
|Value Investing Focusing on stocks at lower prices than what they are worth relative to earnings potential
Momentum Investing Betting on stocks whose recent performance looks likely to continue

Additionally, it is also important for investors to understand market cycles so that they can manage risks effectively. Knowing when to buy and sell certain stocks based upon economic indicators like unemployment levels, inflation rates, interest rate changes and geopolitical events can help guide investing strategies. Furthermore, understanding the tax implications of trading stocks as well as fees charged by brokers will ensure smart investing decision-making.

Having knowledge of these strategies along with additional research into industry trends and individual companies allows investors to pick out the best stocks for their portfolio. With this information in hand, investors should have confidence in selecting which stocks fit their long-term goals while mitigating risks associated with the markets.


Long-Term Investment Outlook

The Motley Fool brothers, David and Tom Gardner, have a well-respected reputation for providing accurate stock picks. Their ten top stocks picks provide investors with an opportunity to diversify their portfolios while benefiting from the long-term growth potential of these investments.

To maximize returns over time, investors should consider several factors when making stock selections:

  1. Fundamental analysis: Analyzing company financials is essential in understanding how much risk is associated with investing in a particular stock.
  2. Technical analysis: Evaluating historical charts can help identify trends that may indicate future performance of the stock.
  3. Risk appetite: Investors should assess their individual risk tolerance before committing funds to any investment option.

Investors should also remember that no one knows what will happen tomorrow; however, having a long-term strategy which takes into account fundamental and technical analyses as well as personal risk preferences allows investors to reduce uncertainty associated with stock selection and increase chances of achieving desired outcomes over extended periods of time.



The Gardner Brothers, david and tom, have achieved great success for both themselves and their investors through the long-term strategies they employ. Their investing philosophy has been validated by The Motley Fool’s strong track record of stock picks that consistently outperform the market. By following the top 10 stocks picks recommended by David and Tom in 2021, one can make well informed decisions particularly when it comes to choosing investments with a high growth potential. Furthermore, employing sensible investment strategies such as diversification and maintaining an appropriate asset allocation are essential to ensuring successful returns over the long run. In conclusion, David and Tom provide valuable advice on how to invest wisely based on sound economic principles which can help individuals build wealth over time.

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