Chase College Checking Account Review – Good Banking Option For Students?

Chase College Checking Account is a banking option specifically designed for college students. It offers many advantages and features compared to other banks, including no monthly service fee or minimum balance requirement. This review provides an in-depth analysis of the Chase College Checking Account and its various benefits that make it a good choice for college students looking for a reliable banking solution.

The comprehensive review will analyze key aspects such as account fees, interest rates, customer service, mobile access, and additional benefits offered by Chase College Checking Account. Additionally, this review will compare the account with similar products from other financial institutions in order to determine if it is indeed the best option for college students.

Overall, this review aims to provide readers with valuable information about the Chase College Checking Account so they can make informed decisions when selecting a suitable bank account for their individual needs.


Overview Of Chase College Checking Account

Chase College Checking is an account offered by Chase Bank designed exclusively for college students. It provides basic banking services such as check writing, direct deposit and online transfers. The account also offers a range of features to help students manage their finances including mobile deposits, ATM access, and the ability to earn rewards points for purchases made with the debit card. Additionally, this account has no monthly service fee or minimum balance requirement.

The primary benefit of a Chase College Checking Account is its convenience; it allows college students to easily access their money without having to visit a physical bank location. Furthermore, due to its lack of fees and low minimum balance requirements, it can be beneficial for those who have limited funds available but still need access to basic banking services.


Benefits And Features

Chase College Checking Account provides students with a range of features and benefits that makes it an attractive option for banking. Students can make free withdrawals at any Chase ATM, including those located on college campuses. There is also no monthly service fee or minimum balance requirement associated with the account, making it easy to manage financially while in school. Additionally, there are no overdraft fees when using the debit card attached to the account and customers have access to 24/7 customer support through phone and online chat services.

The Chase College Checking Account offers several other advantages as well such as cashback rewards on everyday purchases made with the debit card, discounts from certain merchants partnered with Chase, mobile check deposit capabilities, and paperless statements for better organization of bank records. All these features combine to provide students with a convenient and cost-effective way to manage their finances during college without having to worry about high fees or excessive paperwork.


Fees And Limitations

When considering a Chase College Checking Account, fees and limitations should be taken into account. There is no minimum balance requirement; however, there are still monthly service fees if the consumer does not meet certain criteria. Specifically, in order to waive the $6 Monthly Service Fee, customers must do one of the following: 1) Have an average daily balance at least of $5,000 or more in any combination of qualifying linked deposits/investments accounts; 2) Receive total direct deposits totaling $500 or more made to your checking account within 60 days from account opening date; 3) Be 17-24 years old when you open this account.

Additionally, there may also be other transaction fees such as out-of-network ATM withdraws ($2.50 for each withdrawal plus applicable surcharge amount). The maximum limit on transactions is limited by both federal law and account agreement limits. It’s important to recognize that these restrictions can impact how often consumers can use their debit card and make transfers between accounts.


Comparison To Other Student Accounts

Chase College Checking Account offers a comprehensive range of features that could make it an appealing choice for students. It provides access to ATMs and branch locations, along with mobile banking options, low-cost overdraft coverage, and rewards points on everyday purchases. Compared to other student accounts:


  • No monthly maintenance fees.
  • Overdraft protection available at no additional cost.
  • Access to online and phone customer service.


  • Limited ATM fee reimbursements.
  • Low interest rates on savings accounts.
  • Lack of free check writing or cashier’s checks.

The Chase College Checking Account is a viable solution for those looking for basic services with minimal costs associated. Its benefits outweigh the drawbacks and make it a great option for college students who are just starting out in managing their finances.


Pros And Cons

Chase College Checking account offers a range of services suitable for students. On the plus side, it has no monthly fees and minimum balance requirements. In addition, customers can easily access their accounts online or through Chase Mobile app with features such as check deposits, payments and transfers. Moreover, they have access to free ATM withdrawals at all 16,000+ Chase ATMs nationwide. Finally, this banking option provides up to $350 cash bonus when opening an account with a qualifying direct deposit.

However there are some drawbacks associated with the use of this bank product. Firstly, customers may need to pay additional fees if they exceed 6 transactions per statement period or make more than 3 non-Chase ATM withdrawals during the same time frame. Secondly, customers who transfer money from other banks using external accounts must wait 4 business days before they can access funds in their Chase checking account. Additionally, overdraft protection is not available which could be risky if mistakes occur while managing finances.


Final Verdict

Given the pros and cons of a Chase College Checking Account, it’s possible to make an informed decision. Table 1 outlines the advantages and disadvantages associated with this account option for students.

Advantages  Disadvantages 
 No monthly fee Low ATM limits
Interest-bearing account  Few in-network ATMs
 Access to My Money Map Tool  Limited customer support options

By weighing these factors, one can determine if a Chase College Checking Account is suitable for their needs. The no monthly fees and interest-bearing accounts are attractive features that could benefit students who want a low cost checking account without sacrificing financial benefits. Additionally, the My Money Map tool provides users with real time spending insights, helping them stay on top of their finances while they manage life as a student. On the other hand, having limited access to ATMs and customer service may not be ideal for some individuals as they would need to find alternative methods to withdraw funds or obtain assistance when needed.

After considering all aspects, potential customers should decide if a Chase College Checking Account is right for them based on their individual preferences and banking habits. It’s important to weigh both sides before committing so that users can make an educated decision about what kind of financial institution best fits their lifestyle.



Chase College Checking Account has been designed to cater specifically to the financial needs of college students. It provides features such as no monthly service fee, mobile banking and access to 16,000 ATMs. The account also offers a low overdraft fee and higher ATM withdrawal limit than other student accounts. Despite this, there are some limitations associated with Chase College Checking Account such as its lack of interest payments and limited options for depositing cash or checks.

When comparing Chase College Checking Account to other student bank accounts, it is evident that it has several advantages over competitors in terms of fees and services offered. Although customers may be able to find higher interest rates on other student accounts, they will likely come at the cost of additional restrictions and conditions. On the whole, Chase College Checking Account remains an attractive option for students who require more flexibility in their banking activities.

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