Best Places to Buy Cheap Contact Lenses: Online & In-Store Guide

When it comes to purchasing contact lenses, finding affordable and reliable options can be a concern for many individuals. Whether you’re a current contact lens wearer or you’re making the switch from glasses, knowing the best places to buy cheap contact lenses can save you time and money. In this article, we will explore places to buy contact lenses both online and in-store, to help you make an informed decision when stocking up on your eye care essentials.

Online retailers have become increasingly popular sources for affordable contact lenses, as they often provide competitive prices and convenience. Many online stores offer a wide range of brands, ensuring that you can find the right lenses to suit your needs. In-store locations, on the other hand, have the advantage of providing in-person assistance from trained professionals, which can be valuable for those who need guidance choosing the perfect lenses.

Online Retailers

Buying contact lenses online can offer convenience, cost savings, and a wide selection. Several online retailers are known for their affordable prices and quality service. The following are some of the best places to buy cheap contact lenses online:

  • ContactsDirect – Known for their low prices on annual supplies and frequent coupon codes, ContactsDirect is a popular choice for affordable contact lenses.
  • Discount Contact Lenses – Named as the Best Overall choice by Verywell Health, this retailer offers competitive prices on a wide range of popular brands.
  • AC Lens – Recommended as the Best Budget option by Verywell Health, AC Lens offers a variety of affordable contact lens options without sacrificing quality.
  • 1-800 Contacts – Known for its convenience factor, 1-800 Contacts offers a user-friendly website, fast shipping, and a wide selection of lenses.
  • LensCrafters – A one-stop shop for all your eye care needs, LensCrafters offers contact lenses, glasses, and eye exams.
  • – As its name suggests, this online retailer focuses on offering low-cost contact lenses from popular brands.
  • – ContactsCompare recommends this retailer for its competitive pricing on a wide range of contact lens brands.
  • – Another budget-friendly option, provides affordable lenses with a wide selection of brands and types to choose from.
  • – This online retailer offers competitive pricing and regular promotions, making it a wallet-friendly choice for contact lens wearers.
  • ContactsDirect – As mentioned earlier, ContactsDirect is known for its low prices on annual supplies and frequent coupon codes.

With so many online retailers available, make sure to compare prices and shipping options to find the best deal for your specific needs. In addition, read reviews and double-check return policies to ensure a smooth purchasing experience.

In-Store Options

While online shopping is convenient, some customers may prefer buying contact lenses at physical stores. In-store shopping allows you to consult with optometrists and get personalized advice when selecting the best contact lenses. Here are some options for purchasing affordable contact lenses in-store:

  1. Walmart Optical: Walmart is known for offering low prices on a variety of products, and their optical department is no exception. With in-store optometrists to help guide you through the contact lens buying process, Walmart provides customers with a convenient and affordable option.
  2. Costco Optical: With a membership, Costco becomes an excellent place to purchase cheap contact lenses. The store carries a wide range of contact lens brands and offers discounts as part of their membership benefits. Additionally, Costco’s optical department frequently provides promotional deals and rebates to save you even more money.
  3. Target Optical: Not only does Target offer affordable contact lenses, but they also host eye exams and other eye care services within their stores. Keep an eye out for promotions and special discounts that Target Optical occasionally presents to its customers.
  4. Walgreens Optical: Similar to other in-store options, Walgreens stands out as a great place to get cheap contacts. You can consult with a professional optometrist and take advantage of various promotions, discounts, and exclusive deals that Walgreens frequently offers on contact lenses.

Remember that when choosing an in-store option, it’s important to consider the convenience of the store’s location, the availability of professional optometrists, and any promotions or discounts that might be available. In-store shopping allows you an opportunity to seek personalized assistance and try different contact lens brands until you find the perfect fit.

Factors to Consider When Buying Contact Lenses

Before purchasing contact lenses, there are a few important factors to take into consideration in order to make an informed decision. These factors can impact the cost, convenience, and overall satisfaction with your contact lens purchase.

Prescription and Eye Health: First and foremost, ensure you have an up-to-date prescription from your eye care professional. A current prescription ensures you’ll receive the right contact lenses for your vision needs. It’s essential to prioritize your eye health by visiting an eye doctor regularly and obtaining an accurate prescription.

Cost and Value: When comparing contact lens prices, consider both the unit price and any additional costs such as shipping, handling, and membership fees. Look for special offers, discounts, and promotions that can help lower the overall cost. Remember that the cheapest option is not always the best value, so be sure to weigh the pros and cons when considering price.

Retailer Reputation: Research the reputation of the retailer where you plan to purchase your contact lenses. Be it online or in-store, a reputable retailer should have positive customer reviews and a history of providing quality products and services. Make sure the retailer offers a user-friendly return policy to allow for hassle-free returns or exchanges in case of any issues.

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Shipping and Handling: Take note of the shipping and handling charges and estimated delivery times, especially if you are running low on your contact lens supply. Some retailers offer free shipping, while others may charge an additional fee. It’s essential to find a balance between affordable shipping and a timely delivery.

Insurance Coverage: If you have vision insurance, check whether the retailer accepts your insurance plan. Some retailers like Contacts Direct are known for accepting insurance, so it’s worth exploring if it can save you money on your contact lens purchase.


In summary, there are numerous reputable retailers available for purchasing affordable contact lenses both online and in-store. Follow the provided list of some of the best options to ensure a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness when shopping for your next pair of contacts.

Remember to consider factors such as customer service, return policies, and shipping times when choosing a retailer to suit your needs. Some popular choices include Money Crashers and Medical News Today.

While online shopping has become increasingly convenient, purchasing contact lenses from a local brick-and-mortar store can still be an excellent option for those who require a more personalized experience, or who may wish to try on different types of lenses before committing to a purchase.

Whether you prefer to shop online or in-person, there are plenty of opportunities to save on your contact lens purchases. With the right retailer and careful consideration of your specific needs, you can find the perfect pair of contact lenses without breaking the bank.

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