Avianca Vida Visa® Card Review

The Avianca Vida Visa® Card is a travel credit card offered by Banco Popular de Puerto Rico. It offers customers the opportunity to earn rewards points and discounts on airfare, car rentals, hotel stays, and purchases made with the card. The benefits of this card may make it an attractive option for frequent travelers or those looking to save money when traveling abroad. This review will provide an overview of the features and benefits of the Avianca Vida Visa® Card as well as its advantages and disadvantages compared to other travel cards.

This review begins by examining the various rewards associated with using the Avianca Vida Visa® Card. Customers can earn one point per dollar spent on eligible purchases such as airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals, and more. Each point earned is redeemable for discounts on future ticket purchases from Avianca Airlines or its partners. Additionally, customers receive special discounts when they book flights through Avianca’s website directly from their account. Furthermore, there are additional perks available such as free checked bags and priority boarding with certain airlines that accept payments via the Avianca Vida Visa® Card.

Finally, this review provides information about fees associated with owning an Avianca Vida Visa® Card and compares these fees to those charged by other popular travel credit cards. This comparison reveals potential cost savings associated with using the Avianca Vida Visa®, making it easier for customers to determine if it is right for them based on their individual needs and budget constraints.


Overview Of Benefits

The Avianca Vida Visa® Card offers cardholders a variety of benefits. These include access to exclusive discounts on flights and hotels, bonus points for every dollar spent, an accelerated earning rate in the LifeMiles program, free companion tickets each year and complimentary lounge access. Additionally, this card also provides its users with unique travel protection insurance covering losses due to accidents while traveling or when purchasing airfare directly through the Avianca website.

Overall, these rewards make it an appealing option for frequent travelers looking to optimize their spending and maximize their savings. In addition to providing significant financial gains, the Avianca Vida Visa® Card is designed with convenience in mind; allowing customers to pay bills online as well as offering mobile banking features such as real-time account alert notifications.


Eligibility Requirements

The Avianca Vida Visa® Card is available to those who meet the eligibility requirements. To be eligible, applicants must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Have a valid government-issued photo ID
  3. Meet certain income and credit score criteria as determined by Bank of America
  4. Reside in the United States or its territories

In addition, there may be other requirements specific to an applicant’s situation that will need to be met before being approved for this card. It is essential that applicants read all terms and conditions associated with the Avianca Vida Visa® Card before deciding if it’s right for them. Additionally, customers should review their credit reports and scores prior to applying for any type of credit card so they can ensure everything looks correct and accurate on file.


Fees And Interest Rates

Having discussed the Eligibility Requirements for an Avianca Vida Visa® Card, it is now time to explore the Fees and Interest Rates associated with this product. The table below outlines these fees and rates in detail:

Fee/Interest Rate Cost 
Annual fee   $59
Balance Transfer  3% of transfer 
Cash Advance  5% of amount
Foreign Transaction  2.7%
Late Payment Penalty Up to $37
Returned Payment Penalty  Up to $37

It should be noted that interest rates on purchases vary depending upon creditworthiness. Customers can expect a variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) from 17.99%-25.99%. Additionally, customers may elect to receive cash back bonuses when using their Avianca Vida Visa® card; however, any cash rewards earned will reduce the APR by 0.5%. All in all, users of this card should be aware of the various fees and interest rates associated with its use as they could incur significant costs if not managed properly.


Rewards Program

The Avianca Vida Visa® Card offers a generous rewards program for cardholders. Members earn two miles per dollar spent on flights, gas and groceries with the card, as well as one mile per dollar spent elsewhere. Customers also get bonus points when they book their flight through LifeMiles, the loyalty program of Avianca Airlines.

Benefits of using this credit card include:

  • 20% discount voucher on award tickets booked with LifeMiles
  • 25% bonus miles awarded every time customers purchase or redeem LifeMiles awards with their card
  • 10% discount on upgrades to Executive Class on Avianca operated flights
  • Priority check in at select airports

In addition to these attractive benefits, the Avianca Vida Visa® Card features no foreign transaction fees and low interest rates, making it an ideal choice for travelers looking to maximize their savings while enjoying all the perks that come with having a travel rewards credit card.


Additional Services

The Avianca Vida Visa® Card provides additional services to cardholders. These include rental car insurance, roadside assistance, extended warranty protection and purchase security. Rental car insurance covers up to $50,000 in damages or loss if the vehicle is damaged while rented with this card. Roadside assistance offers a range of benefits such as towing, tire change service, jump-starts and fuel delivery.

Extended warranty protection extends the original manufacturer’s warranty on eligible items purchased using this card for up to one year. Purchase security helps protect against theft or damage of newly bought items within 90 days of purchase when paid for with this card.

These extra services provide added value and convenience to those who use the Avianca Vida Visa® Card for their purchases and travel needs. The combination of these features makes it an attractive option for many consumers looking for a credit card that can meet their needs.



The Avianca Vida Visa® Card is an airline rewards card that offers a generous welcome bonus and ongoing rewards for spending on eligible purchases. This card’s primary benefit is the ability to earn up to 30,000 LifeMiles upon making your first purchase within 90 days of account opening. With no annual fee, it makes sense for frequent travelers who wish to accumulate LifeMiles quickly. The additional benefits are abundant; users can enjoy free checked bags and priority boarding when traveling with Avianca Airlines, discounts at participating hotels in Latin America, access to exclusive events throughout the year, and more.

Overall, this card provides strong value for those looking to maximize their travel experience with Avianca airlines. From its low fees and generous sign-up bonuses all the way down to its numerous perks and special offerings, it’s easy to see why so many people have chosen the Avianca Vida Visa® Card as their go-to airline credit card.



The Avianca Vida Visa® card is a great option for those looking to earn rewards and take advantage of additional services. With its many benefits, the card offers competitive eligibility requirements, fees and interest rates, as well as a generous rewards program. Furthermore, it provides access to an array of exclusive travel benefits that make traveling more convenient and enjoyable.

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