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Love Envelope Budgeting?

Cash Envelopes is the most successful
budgeting method
BUT our society is mostly CASHLESS.

ProActive is Digital Cash Envelopes
…and Better Than Ever!

“Finally! A tool that brings cash envelopes into the modern banking era!”Jessica Garbarino

Cool Features

Companion Share

Get a card for your spouse and easily access envelopes wherever you are

Safe & Secure

Until a category is selected on the phone app, the card declines all transactions.

Shop Anywhere

Whether you’re shopping online or offline, ProActive can be used anywhere Visa is accepted

Budget Every dollar

Give every new dollar a job before it can be spent



Paycheck to Paycheck – “We’d usually get down to $15 for a week before payday. After a month with ProActive we had $300.”
Use with Spouse – “He and I both have our envelopes at any time”


Debt Reduction – “I wish we would have had this years ago”
Shopping – “Spending…was magical”


Fast and Easy – ProActive was flawless in the high pressure and fast Costco check out lines

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