Gas Pumps, Restaurants, and Rental Cars:

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As you get ready to use your new ProActive spending card, there are a few nuances that you should know about. The first is this:

ProActive works just like cash, meaning that if you don’t have enough money you can’t spend

So what are “Pre-Auths”? **IMPORTANT**
You may or may not have noticed before, but many businesses will “pre-authorize” your card by charging amounts other than your actual bill and then settle it up later. This is how Pending Transactions get created.

You will notice this especially at the Gas Pump and restaurants. Additionally, Hotels and Rental Cars.

Gas Pump:
When you fill-up, the pump doesn’t know if you’re going to fill up a lawnmower or an aircraft carrier. So they authorize the card with anything from $1 up to $100…Bam! With ProActive if you tap on your gas category and load up $100, and then fill-up for $25, you may notice the full $100 disappear from your category. Now the difference will magically re-appear in two days after the transaction is settled, but you’re out that money for two days. Yikes!

Now, this is gas company specific so go ahead and give it a try at the pump to see how they handle it. If you get a “Please see Cashier” then they probably tried to authorize $100 and it didn’t go through.

If this happens to you, here’s what you do: Go inside and put “$50” on Pump “5”. I know that’s an extra step, but it’s really easy. We’re working on some some cool code to make this easier and bring it back to the pump, but that’s how it works currently.

Because of the potential of tipping, the system will always charge 120% of the purchase. This will happen at Drive-Through’s too where you wouldn’t expect to tip. So be aware, you need to have 120% for any restaurant purchase.

Hotels and Rental Cars:
Since you’re dealing with digital cash, it works just the same. You’ll need to have the entire amount available for the required deposits. This is usually $100 -$300, but they’ll tell you what the required amount. Once your transaction with them is final (i.e. when you return the car or leave the hotel, they’ll settle it up and return the deposit less any charges)

And that’s it!

If you ever have any trouble, reach out to us on the Support Chat right in the app. We’ll guide you through.

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