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Love Envelope Budgeting?

Cash Envelopes has proven to be the
most successful budgeting method for
real results, real fast. BUT our
society is mostly CASHLESS.

ProActive makes it cashless

Real control over money comes by changing behavior,
not by charts and graphs.



Swiping without choosing an envelope will result in a “Decline”. The ProActive card has a Zero Balance until a choice is made. This also keeps you safe from unwanted purchases or theft.


Works like cash

  • No Pending transactions – All transactions post instantly
  • No Guessing – Stop doing mental math in line as you make a purchase hoping there’s enough money
  • No Overdrafts – If there’s not enough cash, the system says “no”
  • No Guilt – Stop worrying about managing the budget. Make budgeting as easy as spending


Zero Balance

With ProActive, until a category is selected on the phone app, the Default Card Balance is ZERO leaving thieves with a plastic card and no money. It’s that simple.

Envelope Budgeting Safety


Envelope Budgeting 2

Auto Distribution

Once you create a distribution plan you can save it for later. When new funds come in they get distributed automatically. Make changes at any time.


Person-to-Person Payments

Never put down multiple cards again. Just select your category and send payments to friends easily.

Photo Check Deposit

Can’t find your shoes to get to a branch? No worries! Deposit checks with your phone in your pajamas.

Bill Pay

Take care of all your bills right here. In fact, we can even pay them for you automatically and as part of the Smart Debt Elimination system below.

Child Card

Give your kids their own cards (with or without an app) and connect your whole family. Pay an allowance, tuition, or work around the house. Start teaching money management skills now.


Most Bill Pay apps can’t mail a check for rent or to granny for that loan she gave you. ProActive can send paper checks right from your phone.

ProActive Requires a Choice BEFORE you Buy…
just like Cash Envelopes.



Get ProActive FREE
for 45 days

then just $60/yr or $7/mo.

ProActive is partnered with UPside Card as our Card Partner. UPside has fees, but ProActive users get upgraded to their Premium level, so you won’t pay them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! ProActive recognizes new transactions from your Rewards Card, confirms the category, the amount reduces, then puts the money in a separate category which you can use to pay off your card at the end of the month. Easy!
Our first release will be issued with a Visa card. You can spend your money anywhere visa is accepted.
People who are using Android, Samsung, or Apple Pay have had a similar concern. The best answer for now is to take a separate pay card. We believe that you should just need two cards: your ProActive card and a credit card. (see FAQ question: “I love my rewards card…”)
Our iPhone Beta is now available on the AppStore. Android is coming soon!
Absolutely! Our card partner may charge a one-time free for the issuing of the extra card, but then you and your spouse can enjoy the same easy spending system.
Absolutely! Just choose a category on the app, then insert your card. The cash will come directly from that category.
*You will be subject to that ATM’s fees if any.
Easy! Just choose a category to put money on the card and then go shopping or pay that bill.
Yes! One of the first things you’ll do as you set up the system is connect your bank with ProActive. This will allow you to send money to and from ProActive. (coming soon) You can even send money to family and friends via their email or phone number.
Yes, ProActive works with a Debit card which requires a new bank account. Most people begin by only transferring their discretionary income into ProActive. That way existing Bill Pays and Auto Drafts are not affected.
ProActive has been designed with the family in mind. With most divorces happening over financial issues we strive to make money easy and talking about it a breeze. Your monthly subscription covers your whole family.


We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us anytime.

Address 881 West State Rd #140-558,Pleasant Grove UT 84062

Phone    800-226-2261

Email      Launch (at) ProActiveBudget Dot com

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